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Do you have a dated fireplace in your home that’s in need of an update? A good-looking and fully-functional fireplace can transform any room, adding instant charm and warmth to your living area, especially in the winter! Whether you are looking to install a new fireplace, undertake a complete renovation, or provide your current space a minor facelift, our experts at Southwestern Remodeling, the choice for room additions in Wichita, Kansas, are here to help. Find out some of our favorite tips for updating your fireplace below!

Install Glass Doors

There’s nothing cozier than a warm fireplace on a cold night, but a wood fire left unattended can quickly become a safety issue. Unlike gas fireplaces that can easily be switched on and off depending on your usage, the only way to safely leave your fireplace while burning it is with glass doors. In modern interior design practices, fireplaces and fireplace accessories are often used for aesthetic purposes rather than functionality. By installing glass doors, you can easily increase the beauty of your fireplace and add to the efficiency and safety of your home. Not only have they been proven to reduce the potential for injury, but they also reduce the risk of damage to your home by guarding free-floating sparks and cinders.

Opt for a Gas Fire Place

While some homeowners prefer the smell and warmth of a traditional burning fireplace, gas fireplaces are an ideal way to modernize your home. Gone are the days of blue flames and unconvincing logs; these gas fireplaces appear much more realistic with glowing red embers and orange flames. Not to mention, these gas fireplaces require minimal cleanup and don’t need to be tended while burning. Our team at Southwestern Remodeling recommends contacting an experienced remodeling company to determine the right model for your home before undertaking any fireplace room additions in Wichita!

Invest in a New Mantle

Still wondering how to highlight your fireplace as the focal point of your room? Invest in a customized or salvaged mantel that reflects your personal design style. Not only does a mantle help serve as an architectural anchor in your living space, but it can double as a functional shelf on which you can further decorate the area around your fireplace. If you are drawn to more contemporary design styles, you may be interested in a home mantel kit that locks together with the simple use of a screwdriver!

Choose the Right Tiles

The hearth is the non-combustible floor of your fireplace and consists of the raised area around the fireplace, including the mantel, hearth extension, and chimney. While mantels may come and go depending on current design trends, the hearth has been and will always be at the forefront of your fireplace. A simple yet transformative way to spice up your fireplace is by adding or updating your hearth tiling. While designer tile is a great material for a hearth, it may not always be appropriate for your project. Worry not; there are many other products perfect for fireplace decorations, including white marble and terra-cotta. The only limitation you should be cognizant of is the material’s heat tolerance!

Examine Your Firebrick

It should come as no surprise that your fireplace mortar will likely experience cracking and fallout after years of use. Large and open mortar joints that leave your bricks exposed are not only unattractive and disrupt the flow of your room but make your fireplace more vulnerable to damage. Before you make any aesthetic updates to your fireplace, our team suggests consulting with an expert remodeling company to examine the condition of your mortar and replace any areas that have deteriorated.

Contact Southwestern Remodeling

As one of the most trusted home remodeling companies in the area, Southwestern Remodeling has the experience and capabilities to create custom room additions in Wichita. We offer free in-home consultations to all new customers, so we encourage you to contact us at (316) 263-1239 to schedule yours today!