Made in the Shade: Outdoor Living Ideas To Beat the Summer Heat

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Like most of us, you probably dream of spending your days in the summer sun. But, without a barrier of protection from midday rays, you leave yourself open to painful sunburns and potential heat exhaustion. While your outdoor pool may offer the perfect reprieve from even the warmest days, it’s important to prioritize adequate shade in your backyard! Our deck builders in Wichita, Kansas, at Southwestern Remodeling have been constructing high-quality deck projects since 1970 and are revealing their insider secrets when it comes to beating the summer heat. Discover how to curate a cool and comfortable outdoor living space this summer!


Construct a Covered Cabana

Want to make your home feel connected to the outdoors? Consider constructing a covered outdoor patio or cabana. By installing screened-in windows and sloped ceilings, you can enjoy the beauty of your backyard while staying comfortable—void of pesky bugs and harsh UV rays! And the best part? With a covered patio or stand-alone cabana, you can install overhead fans and light fixtures to keep you relaxed. Whether you want to share a noontime meal with a friend or enjoy a late-night cocktail by the pool, creating a covered space with additional airflow and lighting can help you get the most out of your backyard at all hours!


Protect Your Patio With a Pergola

If you don’t want to eliminate all direct sunlight but still want some additional shade, a pergola may be your best bet. These open structures, typically constructed of wood or metal, feature horizontal beams and an open lattice roof, making the perfect solution for spots that don’t experience such intense bouts of sunlight. But that’s not all! You can enhance your pergola with climbing plants like wisteria, grapevines, or jasmine, or install retractable canopy shades or drapes for additional sun protection during the hottest parts of the day. And, if you already have a pergola but are looking for added protection, enclose the overhead space and leave the sides open.


Attach an Awning

Searching for a more versatile shade solution? Our deck builders in Wichita recommend attaching an awning to your home’s exterior. Available in various styles—retractable, stationary, or motorized—awnings provide instant shade at the push of a button or the turn of a crank. Whether you prefer a classic striped design or a modern, sleek look, there’s an awning to suit every taste and budget. Choose a durable, weather-resistant fabric that can withstand sun exposure and occasional rain showers!


Lean Into Landscaping

Make your landscaping work for you. If you’re looking for a natural way to reduce temperatures and add shade to your outdoor space, strategically plant trees, shrubs, and other plants to create pockets of shade throughout your backyard. Large, leafy trees such as maple and oak can help maximize your shade, while strategic placement can block direct sunlight from hitting your home. Think about the reduced energy usage and indoor temperatures!


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