5 Things You Won’t See in Your Real Estate Agent’s Home

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When it comes to real estate, first impressions matter. From the moment you step into a home, you start forming opinions about the space, its functionality, and its overall appeal. Real estate agents who make a living out of presenting homes in the best light possible often have a keen eye for design and aesthetics, so it’s no surprise that their own homes reflect this expertise! Our team at Southwestern Remodeling, the choice home remodeling company in Wichita, Kansas, is detailing the top trends you won’t see in your real estate agent’s home. Whether you’re looking to list or simply updating your space, you won’t want to skip these!

Faux Finishes

Real estate agents understand the importance of authenticity, and this extends to the finishes in their homes. Faux finishes, once popular for mimicking expensive materials like marble or wood, have fallen out of favor in many design circles. Those well-versed in the ebb and flow of design trends are more likely to recommend using genuine materials that stand the test of time. You likely won’t find faux finishes on your agent’s walls or furniture—instead, you might encounter rich hardwood floors, genuine stone countertops, or classic tile work.

Colorful Carpet

While carpet might have had its moment in the spotlight, it’s not a choice you’re likely to find in the home of a design professional. Bold carpet choices can be polarizing, and real estate agents know the importance of creating a neutral and universally appealing canvas for potential buyers. In their own homes, you’re more likely to see neutral tones, hardwood floors, or classic area rugs that provide warmth without overwhelming the space.

Permanent Pet Doors

As much as we love our furry friends, you won’t find permanent pet doors in the homes of your favorite design experts and professional real estate agents. While convenient for pets to move in and out freely, permanent pet doors can be a deterrent for future buyers who may not share the same enthusiasm for pets, and they can quickly become an eyesore to the rest of your home. Instead, our experts at Southwestern Remodeling, the choice home remodeling company in Wichita, recommend opting for stylish pet gates or discreet solutions that accommodate your pets without requiring permanent change!

Overly Trendy Tiles

Trends come and go, so it’s important to know that what’s in vogue today may not be tomorrow. While it’s tempting to embrace the latest tile patterns or bold colors, many experts recommend opting for classic and versatile choices like subway tiles, natural stone, or timeless ceramics. This ensures your home will remain in style for years to come—saving you money and effort when it comes to remodeling in the future.

In Vogue Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks, once considered a chic and trendy choice in bathrooms, are notably absent from the homes of many interior design experts. While they can make a bold design statement, they may not be everyone’s cup of tea. These freestanding sinks sit atop your counter or vanity, making them an aesthetically pleasing option; however, their functionality is subpar as they are challenging to maintain and clean. You may see these in boutique hotels, but many agents and design experts will advise you against installing such appliances in your home.

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