Five Home Projects You Shouldn’t Update When Selling Your Home

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Selling a home can be a stressful and time-consuming process, especially when it comes to deciding which updates and repairs are necessary before putting it on the market. While many sellers focus on improving their property to attract potential buyers, there are certain instances where home remodeling updates may not be the most cost-effective decision. Our home remodeling experts in Wichita, Kansas, at Southwestern Remodeling, are detailing which home projects you can cross off your list. Save yourself some time, money, and unnecessary hassle by understanding what not to update before selling your home!

Minor Cosmetic Work

When preparing your home for sale, it’s essential to focus on major cosmetic issues rather than investing in minor updates. Small imperfections such as chipped paint, scuffed baseboards, or slightly outdated fixtures are typically not deal-breakers for most buyers. Instead of spending time and money on these minor repairs, allocate your resources toward more significant upgrades that can add substantial value to your property.

Working Appliances

While having high-end appliances can undoubtedly enhance the appeal of your kitchen or laundry room, it’s not always necessary to replace your existing appliances before selling. Buyers often have varying preferences, and some may prefer to choose their appliances according to their personal tastes and budget. Unless your appliances are severely outdated or not functioning correctly, our home remodeling experts suggest ensuring your current appliances are in the best possible condition rather than splurging on new ones.

Expert Tip: Your existing appliances, if in good working condition, can still be attractive to buyers who may be looking for a move-in ready home. Appliances will typically get replaced after an initial move, so don’t waste resources on something that may or may not even stay in the home!

Well-Kept Flooring

Unless your flooring is severely damaged or outdated, replacing it entirely may not be the best use of your resources. Flooring can be a significant investment, and buyers often have distinct preferences when it comes to the type of flooring they envision for their home long-term. Instead, consider deep cleaning or refinishing the existing flooring to restore its appearance and address any minor issues that you may be experiencing.

Functioning Windows

Updating your windows before selling your home can be a significant investment, and the cost may not always align with the potential return. While new windows can improve energy efficiency and enhance the overall appearance of your home, the actual increase in your selling price will likely not justify the expense. Our team at Southwestern Remodeling, the choice for home remodeling in Wichita, recommends first evaluating the market conditions and the value that updated windows will bring relative to your asking price.

Expert Tip: By leaving the window updates to the new homeowners, you allow them the opportunity to choose windows that suit their own tastes and needs, potentially making your home more appealing to a broader range of buyers.

Landscaping Overhauls

Landscaping is an important aspect of curb appeal, but undertaking a complete landscaping overhaul just before selling may be a bit too ambitious. While maintaining a well-manicured lawn and tidying up your garden is essential, major landscaping projects can be costly and time-consuming. Instead, consider simple enhancements such as trimming hedges, removing weeds, and adding fresh mulch or flowers to give your outdoor spaces a polished look without breaking the bank.

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