Death of the Dining Room: How To Repurpose Your Space

Dining Room Remodel

If you only use your formal dining room a few times a year, why not put that square footage to better use? Converting your dining room into usable space can be as simple as changing the furnishings or may involve a dining room remodel. At Southwestern Remodeling, the choice for home remodeling in Wichita, Kansas, we help homeowners make the best use of their space every day. Here are some of our favorite ideas for repurposing a dining room.

Kitchen Expansion

Dreaming of an open-concept kitchen but don’t have the space? Expanding into an adjacent dining room could be your solution. This is best done as part of a full kitchen remodel for a cohesive look and optimal flow. Imagine having more storage and counter space and that big kitchen island you’ve always wanted but didn’t have room for! You could even turn part of the dining room space into a walk-in pantry or butler’s pantry.

A kitchen expansion is the priciest dining room remodel on this list, but a large new kitchen can improve your life and your home’s value.

Home Office

If you’re looking for a space to convert into a home office, your dining room may be the best candidate. Most dining rooms already have windows to let in natural light, which you need for a serene and productive workspace. Plus, most dining rooms are near the front door—a good thing if you see clients and don’t want them passing through your entire house.


If you’re tired of stepping on small blocks (ouch!) or cleaning clutter off the counters, try turning your dining room into a dedicated playroom. This also frees up space in kids’ bedrooms and removes distractions at bedtime.

You can enclose the playroom with walls or keep it open to the kitchen or living room for greater visibility. Add a storage system—ideally with a combination of open and closed spaces—and let the fun begin.

Game Room

Everything old is new again, with family game nights and home cocktail parties making a big comeback. You might think game rooms only go in basements or converted garages, but why not turn your unused dining room into an entertainment paradise? You have many options, from your own private speakeasy with a wet bar to a cozy family space with a game table and storage. You can make this space contiguous with your kitchen or living room or enclose it with soundproof walls.

Plant Room

Plants are like potato chips—you can’t have just one. And if you have an unused dining room that gets enough light, it could make the perfect home for your treasures. Add a small table and chairs for a beautiful breakfast nook, or use the space as a quiet meditation spot.


The formal dining room might be dead, but print isn’t! Line the walls of your dining room with bookshelves, add lamps and a comfortable chair or two, and you have a cozy home library brimming with ambiance. If you still occasionally use your dining room to, well, dine, keep a round table or library table in the center of the room.

Craft Room or Studio

If you picked up some new skills during the pandemic or are a master crafter from way back, a designated craft room will make it easier to complete your projects (and keep your supplies from taking over the rest of the house!) All you need to turn your dining room into a creative retreat is plenty of storage and good light. If your dining room already gets plenty of natural light—as many do—you’re halfway there.

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