Practical Tips for Designing Your Dream Garden

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Due to the recent effects of a global pandemic and nationwide food shortage, it’s no surprise that more and more homeowners are testing out their green thumb with at-home gardens this year. Whether you’re looking to make minor garden updates to spruce up your back patio, or you’re focused on becoming more sustainable by implementing a full-blown operation, there are many things to consider when designing a garden. At Southwestern Remodeling, our deck builders in Wichita, Kansas, understand the great amount of thought and care that goes into planning your dream garden, and have detailed some helpful tips to get you started below!

Analyze Your Existing Space

Before purchasing plants and determining what crops you want to invest your time in, head outside to analyze your existing space. Make sure you have a measuring tape and notepad to take specific measurements of the garden, patio, or balcony area you will be planting on. Whether you plan on partnering with a professional or you intend to undertake this new project by yourself, understanding how much space you have to work with will allow you to make other important decisions about your garden, such as what you choose to plant and where you choose to plant it!

Plan Around Purpose

Is there a particular garden style you have in mind, such as a tropical, modern, or cottage-inspired ambiance? That’s great—but first, be sure to establish your essentials! Identify the overall purpose your garden will serve, and make a list of the specific goals you have for your garden, such as growing everyday herbs for cooking or creating a space to cut and arrange flowers. Our expert deck builders in Wichita at Southwestern Remodeling also recommend noting any problems that will need to be solved during the design phase, such as water logging issues or a bumpy lawn.

Make Accommodations for Nature

Unlike designing a room inside your home, creating an outdoor area and living space requires some additional considerations when it comes to making accommodations for nature. You will want to establish your garden’s aspect before breaking ground! Do this by visiting your garden at different times throughout the day to observe any particularly shady areas that will affect your final planting decisions. This will help you determine which varieties will thrive in your garden and where they should be placed for optimal results!

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