Three Creative Ways To Customize Garage Storage

Wichita Garage Builders


While it may not feel like you have much room left in your garage after parking your car and using what little space is left for storage, that doesn’t have to be the case! You can easily maximize your garage space to accommodate your needs with a little creativity and some customized storage options. At Southwestern Remodeling, our Wichita garage builders have years of experience with garage renovations and can upgrade or add a garage that blends seamlessly with your home. Explore our favorite options for added garage storage below! 

Install Wall Shelves and Tool Racks

If you need more room for storage but don’t want to take up any more precious floor space, hanging wall shelves and tool racks are an excellent solution for holding small to medium-sized items. This can help you get everything up off the floor while also providing easier access to some of your regularly used tools and equipment. Consider open shelves for items you grab most often and protect other prized possessions with closed cupboard doors or glass cabinets. Additionally, pegboard can be highly versatile and accommodate the wide variety of things stored in the garage, including paint brushes, rollers, and cleaning supplies.

Design Fitted Cabinets

Since the garage is more often than not used as a catch-all for household odds and ends and various home improvement projects, it can be beneficial to invest in some fitted cabinets to conceal and store any random gear and equipment. If you spend a lot of time in your garage, toy with the idea of designing it in a similar way to your kitchen and implementing an efficient garage storage system that matches your personal style. Our Wichita garage builders at Southwestern Remodeling recommend consulting with an expert to design custom cabinetry, countertops, and a sink. By partnering with a specialist, you can be reassured that your drawers will be strong enough and adequately sized for tools and hardware!

Utilize Overhead Storage Space

Have you already occupied every inch of available floor and wall space but still have things to store? Look up! Overhead storage racks are the perfect place to store seasonal, bulky, or low-use items that aren’t overly heavy. Not only can you install an overhead storage rack for totes of seasonal decor or camping supplies, but you can take advantage of ceiling hooks for storing bikes and other outdoor items. Just make sure to consult with an expert to ensure your ceiling is reinforced correctly and able to support your new system.

Contact Southwestern Remodeling

At Southwestern Remodeling, our Wichita garage builders have the experience and capabilities to create customized garage storage that seamlessly blends with the rest of your garage. We offer free in-home consultations to all new customers, so we encourage you to contact us at (316) 263-1239 to schedule yours today!