Planning Your Next Home Renovation by Room

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If you feel like you are in need of an entire home renovation, you may be overwhelmed when it comes to deciding where to start. Should you focus on your larger projects like kitchen and bathroom remodels first, or should you begin with less-used spaces to keep the communal areas functional longer? At Southwestern Remodeling, the choice for home remodeling in Wichita, Kansas, our team has completed home renovation projects for over 20,000 customers and has experience planning comprehensive home renovations by room. Find out how to design your upcoming home renovation below!

Divide Your Project Into Sections

When you begin your home remodeling project, evaluate your overall plans and determine if they are primarily cosmetic, such as painting, tiling, or installing new flooring. If this is the case, you may feel comfortable making these updates yourself and choosing a place to start that best works with your lifestyle. Be methodical with your plan of attack and begin with an area that sees less daily use, moving your way through the adjacent areas that need updates. If you happen to jump from space to space sporadically, this will likely prolong your renovation project. Our experts at Southwestern Remodeling, the choice for home remodeling in Wichita, recommend writing a simple list of updates and tasks that you can easily do yourself and a list of projects you will need help from professionals with. This way, you can begin to budget and search for a contractor that best fits your needs!

Begin With Your Top-Priority Room

It’s always a good idea to start with your highest-priority project first! This way, if you need to tighten your budget along the way or postpone parts of your renovation, you will have the largest or most significant projects completed. This is usually the kitchen or the bathrooms for most homeowners but ultimately is a personal choice depending on your overall renovation goals and plans. If you are still unsure which is your top priority, we suggest beginning with the larger projects that will take more time. Not only will this create an immediate and noticeable improvement, but you can start by getting the more difficult projects out of the way, which will feel like a rewarding achievement and boost your mood about finishing the remodel.

Hire a Professional

If your remodel is more extensive than just cosmetic projects, you will likely need the help of a professional. Partnering with an expert will not only affect your renovation plans, but they will be able to help guide you through the renovation and determine which projects should take place first to allow the most functionality during the renovation process. At Southwestern Remodeling, our team has the expertise to develop a design, budget, and detailed contract based on your initial in-home consultation, remodeling needs, and vision. Not only will professionals ensure that your projects are done correctly, but they will help finish the projects faster so you can resume everyday life as soon as possible!

Work on the Finishing Touches

Because many homeowners can accomplish painting interior walls, applying wallpaper, and sealing trim, these detail-oriented surface finishes should be some of the final stages of your remodel. After ensuring that all electrical and plumbing are fully functional and the walls and ceilings have been re-plastered, you can move on to the fun part, redecorating! It’s important to complete these smaller tasks after all other projects have been completed so as not to damage or scratch your final product. When decorating, work on the walls and ceilings first before installing new doors or flooring, and finish up with fresh furniture and home decor!

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