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Are you looking to liven up your home with a kitchen remodel this holiday season? The holidays are about family, friends, and most importantly—food! It’s no secret that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so make it the ideal space for entertaining this winter with some quick and easy remodeling tips. Thankfully, our experts at Southwestern Remodeling, the choice for a kitchen remodel in Wichita, Kansas, have provided everything you need to know about creating a cozy kitchen this holiday season. Learn more below!

Create an Open Layout

You’ve probably been dreaming about your perfect dinner party and celebrating the holidays with your entire family over a delicious warm meal. Many times, this vision of the perfect holiday party can be impeded by the realities of your small kitchen. If you’re confined galley-style kitchen keeps you isolated from the rest of the party as you prepare food and pour drinks, our experts at Southwestern Remodeling recommend opening your kitchen up and including a kitchen island or peninsula. This way, you can still interact with your guests while having access to the food. Additionally, this newfound counter space will also create a place for guests to gather around and enjoy each other’s company!

Upgrade Your Appliances

If this is your first year hosting a holiday meal at your home, you may be surprised by how crowded your space can feel with multiple cooks in the kitchen. To help maximize your space and accommodate larger holiday parties, consider investing in new appliances that help improve your kitchen’s workflow. Not only are double ovens and larger fridges perfect for cooking and storing more food, but larger dishwashers and new garbage disposals may be greatly beneficial to the functionality of your kitchen. But wait—let’s not overlook the value of a second sink! Install a preparatory sink or an additional faucet near your work area or kitchen island to relieve the stress of sharing a single sink.

Maximize Your Seating Options

An easy way to improve your social space without obstructing your kitchen’s workflow is to introduce new comfortable seating. Cozy built-in lounge seating and breakfast nooks can drastically improve the appearance and practicality of your kitchen while creating a seating area for guests to converse while you prepare food. If you have the space, purchase a small-to-midsize table that can be placed in the kitchen and accommodate all your relatives and friends. If you are only looking for additional seating throughout the holiday months, drop-leaf tables can serve as a versatile and space-saving solution!

Install Additional Storage

At Southwestern Remodeling, our team recommends maximizing your storage options for your next kitchen remodel in Wichita. Install garbage bins, pullout shelves, and dividers, and clear off your countertops by creating customized kitchen cabinets to hold all of your utensils. This easy and affordable approach to kitchen remodeling will help create a festive and clean atmosphere for all of your guests to enjoy while eliminating the added stress of clutter and mess. Ensure that all trash cans are conveniently located while still inconspicuous to keep guests from wandering through the kitchen walkway while you’re cooking!

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