Bar Renovations Sure To Provide the Booze This October | Basement and Bar, Wichita

Basement and Bar Wichita KS

Are you tired of using your basement for additional storage space? It’s time to put your space to good use and transform your basement into a bar this season! For many homeowners, building an indoor basement bar is at the top of their future home remodeling project list, but many other repair and maintenance projects often push this down the list. No matter how you take your martini, shaken or stirred, or where you plan to construct your new bar, every design process must begin with a plan. To get you thinking, our team of expert craftsmen at Southwestern Remodeling have compiled some of our favorite renovation inspiration for your basement and bar in Wichita, Kansas. Explore our choice design styles below!

The Man Cave

You’ve dreamt of this moment for many years; you are finally building your very own man cave! A classic “man cave” is the ideal space for any man or woman in your house and is intended to match your personal style with comfortable and cozy vibes. Like any bar you design, your man cave must include adequate glassware, bottle, and utensil storage, in addition to a maneuverable workspace and appropriate seating options. Remember to install sufficient storage to hang wine and martini glasses upside from racks above or underneath the bar top to prevent dust from collecting inside the glasses. Finish off your space with your favorite personal decor touches, strategic lighting, and furniture that matches your design style. Pour a glass of your favorite indulgence, and enjoy!

The Traditional Tavern

If you’re a fan of the farmhouse-style design elements, you’re sure to love a traditional tavern-inspired bar. This rustic design style is inspired by the aesthetic of a traditional tavern and utilizes many of the same farmhouse elements, such as custom-built wooden cabinets, stone wall settings, and even a whiskey barrel sink. Add some round stools to give a wild-west feeling that many have appreciated for years and capitalize on exposed brick and lowlight elements to complement the rest of these design features. The ultimate home bar is a wet bar, so consider adding a sink with running water and a dishwasher to make your clean-up process more convenient. Don’t forget the fridge or wine cooler so you can store your drinks properly and access them quickly during parties!

The Minimalist Cocktail Lounge

For basements that are cramped or have less space to work with, you may not wish to build a full bar with all new amenities. At Southwestern Remodeling, our team of experts has experience renovating basements and bars in Wichita and can help you design a sleek and modern ensemble to create the leanest possible look that works with your space. Consider building custom wall shelves above your bar area to hold glassware and feature your liquor bottles in an organized fashion on a tray. You may also choose to shift your seating to the side of your bar area to extend your bar’s length and flow seamlessly into the rest of your room. We recommend painting the walls around this area a different color to lend contrast to the rest of the room.

The Picturesque Pub

One of our favorite design inspirations for basement renovations is a quaint at-home pub. Take your bar to the next level by adding booth seating that extends from the walls to create a space in your home where you and your friends can all relax and enjoy a drink or two. Combine classic pendant lighting hanging from the ceiling with low-wattage light bulbs to create a pub-like atmosphere and allow proper lighting for your preparation areas. Don’t skimp on the bar surface, and opt for a classic material like granite or marble slabs to provide a top-tier appearance and experience. But wait, we can’t forget the most important part—fill your bar with your favorite ingredients and beverages, and always keep it well-stocked!