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For the majority of homeowners, bathrooms are some of the most used spaces in the house but oftentimes remain the most underdesigned. This year, the most popular bathroom trends have become centered around making the most of your space while ensuring it is aesthetically pleasing at the same time. The solution—open showers! As trends continue to evolve, we are sure these doorless showers will remain popular for years or decades to come, as they are centered around convenience and functionality. To help you decide if an open shower concept is suitable for your home, our experts at Southwestern Remodeling have detailed everything you need to know about choosing an open shower for your bathroom in Wichita, Kansas. Learn more about the benefits below!

What Is an Open-Shower Concept?

Before we delve into the specific benefits of open-shower design features, it is important to understand what a “curbless” or open-shower concept is. If you grew up before modern times, you are probably accustomed to traditional showers, comprised of a showerhead inside an existing bathtub. Some type of enclosure, such as glass doors or a curtain, will then surround the tub. Today, bathrooms have come a long way since the days of plastic curtains and metal shower rods, allowing homeowners to give their shower more space and visual aesthetics. Dissimilar to traditional showers, an open shower is tubless, with no enclosure. Not only can they make a small area in your home appear larger than it is, but they have become the symbol of a modern bathroom design and offer considerable advantages over traditional shower stalls.


Unlike traditional showers, curbless showers offer added accessibility. Because there are no glass doors, shower curtains, or bathtubs, you have the benefit of walking directly in and out of the shower quickly and easily. For disabled or handicapped individuals, an open bathroom concept with a walk-in shower will provide additional accessibility as it can also accommodate wheelchairs. With the recent popularity of elderly homeowners “aging-in-place”, walk-in showers can be a positive selling point for buyers and provide you with a significant return on your investment later in life.

Aesthetically Pleasing

There’s a reason open showers have taken over and become one of the hottest modern trends—they are incredibly pleasing to the eye. Not only can they provide homeowners with expansive outdoor window views, but they often curate a feeling of luxury that can be seen in spas or high-end hotels. Additionally, doorless showers are custom-designed to fit your specific space and interior design style. This is exciting for many homeowners as they have control over each design element, from the number and placement of niches to hold your shampoo bottles to the size of your shower seat or bench. It’s entirely up to you!


For many homeowners, the final selling point of an open shower is the easy cleaning and maintenance. With no glass doors, there’s no need to keep a squeegee and spray bottle nearby for regular cleaning. All you have to worry about is wiping down the walls periodically or as often as you see fit. Walk-in showers also do not require the same special venting as traditional showers because of their ample open space. Overall, they are one of the easiest amenities to maintain.

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