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According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, adults should get at least five hours of moderate-intensity exercise per week to promote good physical health. While creating and maintaining an exercise routine may sound easy, sometimes the time associated with driving to the gym, finding a parking spot, and waiting for your favorite machine to become available may detour you from actually sticking to your plan and exercising each week. Having access to workout equipment in your home may inspire you to continue pursuing your fitness goals and help you stick to a weekly routine. Our experts at Southwestern Remodeling, the area’s leading home remodeling company, have compiled some essential design features to create a functional home gym room addition in Wichita, Kansas.

Find a Spacious Area

Studies have shown that cramped rooms tend to kill motivation when working out, so find the largest room or most spacious area in your home to set up your new at-home gym. If you are working with a relatively small space, avoid overcrowding it with equipment and ensure you have a sufficient amount of room to effectively do your preferred exercises, such as planks, jumping jacks, sit-ups, and pushups. In addition to avoiding cluttering your space with excessive workout equipment, arrange your furniture in a way that allows it to be easily moved for a quick workout. Try purchasing rustic furniture with castors or placing your furniture on sliders so that it can be quickly moved when the time comes!

Install Full-Length Mirrors

While you may not be keen on seeing your sweaty reflection while working out, gyms utilize full-length mirrors to help you monitor your form and avoid injury. It’s critical that your mirrors are large enough to see your entire body when working out; this way, you can ensure you are doing exercises properly. Not only that, but you will also be able to stay motivated when you see yourself making progress! At Southwestern Remodeling, we recommend hanging any mirrors securely on the wall when designing an at-home room addition. Avoid leaning the mirrors against the wall as this can create a distorted self-perception, leading to improper form and injury.

Wire Surround Sound Speakers

There is one universal fact that every gym-goer can agree on—you can’t workout without music! Eliminate the risk of broken or uncharged headphones, which may deter you from working out, and wire surround sound speakers in your workout area. Not only is the right music a perfect energizer, but it can help you stay motivated and get a better workout. If you aren’t ready to take the plunge and install a completely new sound system, invest in a quality portable speaker and enjoy controlling the music directly from your phone. It’s finally time to forget the headphones and the excuses!

Choose a Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint can transform your space into an entirely new room and further create the gym-like effect that you enjoy when working out. Avoid using warm colors and opt for a clean and clear white coat or a bright color that motivates you. If you choose a shade too warm and relaxing, you may easily become tired and not get as much use out of your new room addition. For cleaning purposes, pick an eggshell finish to avoid the look of greasy and sweaty handprints as it is easily wipeable and universally flattering.

Add Overhead Lighting

Whether you are converting some additional space in your bedroom or designing an entirely new workout space in your garage, installing appropriate lighting is essential to creating an environment that you feel motivated to work out in. If possible, take advantage of natural lighting from a nearby window or recreate the sun with some overhead lighting. Our experts at Southwestern Remodeling recommend using LED bulbs to promote efficiency and give you greater control over your lights. Pick fixtures flush with the ceiling since your space will be dedicated to large movements such as running, jumping, and throwing. For a maximum lighting effect that will inspire your workouts, use recessed lighting directly in front of your full-length mirror and track lighting to focus on specific pieces of equipment. This way, you will be able to see if you are doing your exercises properly!

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