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Warmer months are coming, and we are getting ready by giving our backyards a much-needed facelift. After a year spent indoors socially distanced from family and friends, the prospects of a summer filled with warm weather, cold drinks, and endless relaxation is on everyone’s mind. To make this wish come true, Southwestern Remodeling, the area’s leading home remodeling company specializing in outdoor living in Wichita, Kansas, has provided some easy ways to help turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis. Check them out below!

Create Privacy With Plants

While you may plan on using your newly renovated backyard to entertain guests, there’s no doubt you will still want a sense of privacy from your neighbors and unfamiliar onlookers. At Southwestern Remodeling, we recommend landscaping your backyard in a way that provides privacy and wards off unwanted views. You can achieve this by planting shrubs and incorporating plants of varying heights, including hanging potted plants, vines on trellises, and standing potted plants. Not only will this provide some privacy, but it is an easy and versatile way to inspire relaxation and incorporate natural elements into your backyard oasis. Customize the landscaping to your liking by adding window boxes with flowers, small gardens, and other plants of your choice.

Incorporate a Water Feature

Similar to designing a room in your home, every backyard should have a focal point that catches the attention of all who enter your outdoor oasis, and nothing draws the eye more than an active water feature. Imagine the serene sounds of a flowing waterfall or the tranquil rhythm of an outdoor fountain adding to the calming ambiance of your backyard. Aside from the highly popular water fountains and waterfalls, there are many additional options for integrating water elements into your backyard, including shallow wading pools, plunge pools, or small ponds designed to complement your surrounding landscape. If you are still uneasy about the prospects of international beach getaways, worry not. You can still enjoy some relaxation this summer by basking in the sun and relishing in the peaceful music of your customized outdoor oasis!

Play With Fire Pits

Light up your backyard and party all night! Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are a fun way to increase natural light in your outdoor living space and provide a source of entertainment for your friends and family. Did somebody say “s’mores”? You may choose to opt for a small fire pit table with a gas-powered element in the center that can easily fit into any backyard, or partner with the outdoor living experts at Southwestern Remodeling to design a custom fire feature that seamlessly integrates into the rest of your backyard. We have the capabilities to upgrade your current outdoor features or design a completely new setup that complements the rest of your design style!

Designate a Lounge Area

The final touch to creating the perfect backyard oasis is a designated lounge area, away from the fire pit festivities, where you can kick your feet up and relax. Consider hanging a hammock between two trees or placing a swing chair in a private spot shaded by some plants. You may also choose to purchase an outdoor sectional large enough for multiple people to rest while enjoying the fresh air. Many times, outdoor furniture pieces are designed to be multi-purpose and easily moved so that you can transform them whenever you desire. Grab a book and a cold beverage because your outdoor living space is ready to be enjoyed!

Choose Southwestern Remodeling

As one of the most trusted home remodeling companies in the area, Southwestern Remodeling has the experience and capabilities to customize your outdoor living space in Wichita and transform your backyard into the setup of your dreams. We offer free in-home consultations to all new customers, so we encourage you to contact us at (316) 263-1239 to schedule yours today!