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While many homeowners fill their garages with totes of old clutter or bicycles in need of repair, a well-constructed garage can easily be transformed into a personal workshop. Southwestern Remodeling, the area’s leading home remodeling company, builds customized garages in Wichita, Kansas, which are often utilized as private workshops. Our team specializes in garage renovations and has compiled a list of the most essential features for any functional workshop. Check them out below!

A Sturdy Workbench

A workshop is not a proper workshop without a workbench. The ideal workbench will be customized to your exact needs and accommodate the projects you intend to complete. If you tend to work on small woodworking or DIY projects, you may be more comfortable dedicating less space to a workbench. Still, if you specifically intend to build furniture or work on projects that require the use of large-scale power tools, you will need to install a spacious and sturdy workbench. Whatever the case, it is important to match your workbench’s size to the extent of work you intend to use it for and make sure that your garage is large enough to accommodate it. To ensure the appropriate workbench dimensions for your garage, it is a good idea to consult with professionals to achieve the workshop that best meets your needs.

Ample Storage

If you don’t have any tools, you don’t have a workshop. This is why it’s crucial to have adequate storage to organize your tools safely. Not only is the appearance of a lone tool around the workshop unpleasing to the eye, but it could also cause damage to your tools—the solution to this problem—a toolbox. Depending on the size and amount of tools you would like to store, your toolbox size will vary. If you are looking to store a few smaller hammers and screwdrivers, you may only need a compact portable toolbox, but if you have an abundance of wrenches, drills, and power tools, a mobile tool chest with drawers is the way to go. For additional storage, pegboards can be installed above the workbench for easy access, and overhead storage can keep your tools safe and out of the way.

Adequate Lighting

All garage workshops have one thing in common: adequate lighting. When working with power tools and different materials, it’s extremely important that you can see what you are doing. One wrong movement and your DIY woodworking project can leave you without a limb! To increase the amount of light in your workshop, install ceiling-mounted fluorescent light fixtures or an LED task light with a flexible goose-neck. Instead of looking at watts, look for lumens; it is suggested to use 130 to 150 lumens per square foot of garage workspace. At Southwestern Remodeling, our team will help guide you through the process of determining which light solutions are best for your newly improved garage workshop.

Accessible Power Supply

One of the main issues that woodworkers and craftsmen often run into is power supply. Stationary tools like table saws and jointers typically have their own dedicated power outlets; other common tools stored in cabinets or chests do not have the same luxury. Install power cords with retractable reels to visibly see where your power is coming from and avoid searching the house for extra extension cords.

Suitable Flooring

One workshop feature that is often overlooked is the installment of suitable floors. While most garages have concrete floors, this will quickly take a toll on your back and feet if you plan to spend long periods of time in your workshop. It can also become challenging to sweep concrete floors as dirt and small material scraps easily get caught in the crevices. For a functional workshop, it is best to choose a smooth and comfortable floor that can be cleaned easily and will hold up over time. The Wichita garage builders of Southwestern Remodeling have years of experience with garage renovations and will install a versatile flooring option to enhance the life of your workshop.

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