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Room Additions in Wichita
With spring cleaning on the horizon, the thought of finally organizing an overstuffed closet may have you daydreaming about a new closet renovation. Southwestern Remodeling, the area’s leading home remodeling company, can help design the closet of your dreams with our variety of room additions in Wichita, Kansas. Not only do we have the capability to renovate your current closet, but we have expertise in enlarging master suites and walk-in closets.

If you are planning a closet renovation, chances are you have become overwhelmed with the endless amount of customizable features. At Southwestern Remodeling, we have compiled some of our favorite design inspiration to help you get started thinking about your dream closet. Check out our favorite design styles below!

Timeless Traditional

If you are looking for an updated closet renovation that will undoubtedly match the rest of your home, currently and in the future, we would suggest implementing some timeless and traditional design features. Incorporating dark wood drawers and cabinetry with a neutral-toned carpet will create a classic look that will remain stylish for years to come. Installing light dimmers will also add a level of customization with the ability to alter the light intensity. Once we finish the room addition, you can organize your clothing by color and style for a uniform outward appearance!

Contemporary Coastal

A dream closet should reflect your personal style, so we will consider your favorite textures, finishes, paint colors, and accessories and incorporate them into your closet renovation. If neutral carpeting and white shaker cabinets appeal to your design style, consider a contemporary coastal closet. Utilizing matching wardrobe doors will keep your clothes clean and dust-free, and transforming space directly under windows into built-in seating will create custom storage options. Allow natural light to liven up the space, and add your favorite coastal-inspired pillows and accessories to complete your ideal closet renovation.

Livable Luxe

If you are looking for a high-end custom closet design to display your favorite shoes and handbags, we can include some of these luxury features for a livable luxe room addition. When it comes to a luxury closet, space is key. Whether you have a large closet or not, you can always obtain an open feeling by maintaining a line of sight when walking through the closet. Avoid the look of clutter by installing leather-lined shoe shelves, storing your handbags behind glass doors, and investing in matching wooden hangers for your wardrobe closet. Incorporate oversized mirrors, ornate chandeliers, built-in seating, and an island to add some luxury to your closet renovation!

Modern Masculine

Give your well-kept wardrobe a closet equally as sleek with some modern masculine design features. Include rich woods, darker tones, modern lighting, and marble floors to refresh your closet with a polished look. Install custom hat drawers, shoe shelves, and suit racks for a functional and organized appearance. If you lack the square footage to dedicate to a separate dress room, we can still maximize your space with floor-to-ceiling storage. Adding a fresh coat of dark paint behind shelving units can also transform the space into the modern masculine closet of your dreams.

Functional Farmhouse

Do you love the appearance of exposed wood and paneled barn doors? A functional farmhouse closet might be the perfect fit for you! We will experiment with wooden hanging rods, metal shelves, and wire drawers until we find the combination that best suits your needs. According to Houzz, incorporating raw wood accents will contrast with the black metal textures and stained wood. You can even finish up the room addition with your favorite pictures, blanket ladders, and candles.

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