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Tips For An Effective Home Office Room Addition, Wichita

If you have been cooped up at home this past year, camped out in a spare bedroom or at the dining room table while attempting to conceal your makeshift cubicle with a virtual Zoom background, now’s finally the time to construct your own home office. Southwestern Remodeling, the leading home remodeling company in Wichita, Kansas, can help make this renovation seamless with our wide variety of home office room additions. Not only have we perfected our room additions, recently converting additional garage spaces into private garage lofts, but we’ve also developed the ideal home office with the installment of soundproof walls.

Based on our experience, we have compiled an ultimate list of features to create an effective home office room addition in Wichita, Kansas. With features like these, you are sure to love your new space. Check out our suggestions below!

Utilize a Private Space

Although it can prove challenging to find additional space undisturbed by the ongoings of everyday life within your home, utilizing a private space is the most vital feature of any home office renovation. We can help you find or create a room, preferably with a door, that offers a sense of privacy without many disruptions. If there is not the option for a separate room, we can still create a quiet space by converting hallways and room corners into calm nooks. Whatever location you decide, dedicate this space solely to work in an attempt to relax during non-working hours.

Get Comfortable

The best way to ensure a productive home office space is to make it comfortable. Use a flat surface, preferably a desk, with enough space to house your computer, keyboard, notebooks, and any other items necessary for the job. It’s important that you find a way to maintain a level surface when working on the computer so that your hands and arms can remain parallel to the keyboard when typing. Improper keyboard position may cause the hands to be propped up or down, creating unnecessary wrist strain and discomfort. If your surface or desk is not the proper height, utilize a monitor stand to elevate your keyboard and computer to an appropriate height. Remember, productivity is all about comfort, so make sure to take time and set up a customized space that works for you!

Let the Light In

Our search for a quiet space to create your own home office room addition will include discussions about lighting. We will look for a location with lots of natural light, or find other ways to increase the light within your workspace through integrated lighting. It’s easy to fall into a monotonous routine while working at home this Winter, so don’t forget to lighten up your workspace for a more vibrant day at the (home) office.

Add Some Creative Decor

According to design experts at HGTV, adding personal touches to your home office can lead to a more inspiring workday. Incorporate some of your favorite plants, candles, pillows, and pictures for a more customized look. Not only will this help create a defined workspace, but it will also stimulate an inspiring work environment to look forward to each day.

Stay Organized

An essential part of maintaining a home office is keeping organized. It’s crucial that you implement a system for managing files, supplies, electronics, and other work-related items to avoid misplacing things or storing them in different places around the house. Utilize baskets, storage containers, file folders, and any other organizational tools to create a system that makes it easy to separate your work life and home life.

Contact Southwestern Remodeling

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