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As one of the leading home remodeling companies in Wichita, Kansas, Southwestern Remodeling has completed home remodeling projects for more than 20,000 customers. Our projects often include the incorporation of tile, so we have compiled some of the latest tile ideas.

Celebrate Color and Pattern

A clean or elegant look can be achieved while still utilizing brightly colored tile or patterned tile. For example, accent a mostly white bathroom with bright blue, diamond-patterned floor tile, or accent a neutral kitchen with a faintly patterned backsplash tile.

Do the Unexpected

Rather than only using tile in the expected places or in expected ways, consider using mosaic tile to create a wall mural, using colorful tile on stair risers or creating a randomized pattern with accent tile pieces incorporated.

Embrace a Creative Layout

To make an impact with tile, you do not necessarily need to use bright colors or eye-catching shapes. You can use simple materials, such as a plain white rectangle tile with dark grout, in an interesting pattern like chevron.

Emulate Other Materials

Consider using tile that looks like wood, wallpaper, concrete, resin or fabric. While these options have been around for a while, new products include a variety of finish options, such as wood-looking tile in a matte finish.

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