What to Do Right After a Remodel | Home Remodeling Companies, Wichita


Southwestern Remodeling is one of the leading home remodeling companies in the state and the premier home remodeling company in Wichita, Kansas. As such, we have completed projects for more than 20,000 customers, who often ask how to maintain the quality of their remodel over time. Our team has put together some suggestions for making the most of your remodel.

Register Warranty Items

Larger or more expensive items, like appliances, usually have warranties. During or at the conclusion of your remodel, we will provide you with any warranty cards or paperwork that came with items installed during the remodel. It is wise to register all of the items with the manufacturers so, if needed, you are protected by the warranties down the road.

Protect Natural Materials

If your remodel included any natural materials, such as a teak shower bench, marble countertop or wood floors, ask our team for maintenance suggestions. For example, we would likely suggest sealing a teak shower bench or marble countertop periodically, and felt pads under furniture is a great way to protect wood floors.

Maintain Fixtures

Many plumbing fixtures, such as rain shower heads, can benefit from regular deep cleaning to prevent buildup, which can cause performance issues. We can make cleaning product recommendations and suggest how often fixtures should be deep cleaned.

Replace Filters Regularly

If your remodel included a water purification system or air conditioning system, be sure to change the filters regularly. Consistent maintenance will not only ensure pure water and air but will also ensure that the systems are working at their highest level.

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