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If your current bathroom is dated, but much of the bathroom design inspiration you find looks too chilly for your taste, Southwestern Remodeling can help. As one of the leading bathroom remodeling companies in Wichita, Kansas, we have extensive experience in designing modern bathrooms that still feel warm and welcoming. Check out some of our favorite ideas below!


According to Houzz, “To make a bathroom feel inviting but airy, and warm but also contemporary and clean, it’s important to achieve balance.” It is recommended that you:

  • Use a lot of white or crisp off-white to make the room not only feel large and clean but also contrast warmer elements.
  • Use gray and gray-beige shades to bridge warmer and cooler elements.
  • Use a dose of almost any color to make the space feel more welcoming, even if it is a traditionally “cool” color like blue. Any color that brings you joy can make a space feel warmer.


While a modern bathroom remodel will likely include porcelain, glass, mirrors and other “chillier” materials, you can warm up the space by:

  • Using both porcelain tile for a clean look and stone tile for a “spa-like” look, which can be a pleasing combination.
  • Adding touches of wood, whether through the vanity, shelving, furniture pieces or small accessories.
  • Using warmer metal finishes, such as nickel rather than shiny chrome. There has also been an increased popularity in brass and bronze.


Finding a balance between traditional and contemporary accessories can help to create a warm yet contemporary space. You should consider:

  • Including tactile textures, like woven baskets or boxes, stacks of folded towels and a durable rug.
  • Adding a framed photo, framed canvas or quirky art piece.
  • Using a mirror in an engaging shape like a circle or oval or a mirror in a traditional shape with ornate curves.

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