Three Home Storage Tips | Home Remodeling Companies, Wichita



If you’ve already found your dream home in the perfect neighborhood but feel you never have enough storage space, it may be time to consider adding storage to your current home. Southwestern Remodeling, one of the leading home remodeling companies in Wichita, Kansas, has put together some home storage tips to keep in mind.

Inventory Everything

First, it is best to do an inventory of everything you need to store now and in the future. Planning ahead will ensure time and money are not wasted creating storage for items you do not really love or need. Once you have inventoried everything, group like items together.

Determine General Locations

After grouping like items together, you must determine which part of the home it makes sense to store each grouping. Be sure to consider the details, such as where various items in the home are most often used or needed. For example, many homeowners find a utility-type space helpful near yard or garage access points, and that space can also often double as a mudroom.

Get Creative

Instead of thinking of your house as a flat floor plan, consider the house as three-dimensional space. One of the home remodeling companies in Wichita can help you use every bit of space you can, such as under a staircase, in a false wall that conceals pipework or by extending cabinetry all the way to the ceiling. Some homeowners are even able to exploit the eaves of their homes with attic conversions.

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