Embrace Outdoor Living


Embrace Outdoor Living With a Fun and Inviting Backyard

Personal zen retreat, mini vegetable farm, fitness obstacle course—the possibilities are endless with backyards. One thing is for sure; backyards are precious gateways to outdoor living.

Some homeowners may opt for a fun and inviting backyard over a quiet meditation space. This is especially true for homeowners who enjoy hosting house parties every weekend. Your backyard will become the coolest hangout in no time with the right outdoor living installations and strategic landscaping.


Vibrant Garden

Plants can make a backyard deck pop. The choice of plants should depend on the location and size of your backyard. Always opt for native plants, which are easier to maintain according to the climate of your area. Seasonal plants are wonderful options since you get to witness their leaves’ cyclical color changes, which provides a sublime beauty to your garden throughout the year. Homeowners with larger backyards may consider planting fruit trees that provide a natural array of colors and fragrances to the garden. Pomegranates, berries, apples, and grapes are popular choices.

A vivid garden adds personality to your space. You might also consider using an assortment of flowers and shrubs to differentiate the various segments of your lawn. This approach creates a systematic layout for your backyard (e.g., a patio or deck sitting area, a gravel meditation spot, and a herb garden). The systematic layout will be easier on the eyes and more inviting. Additionally, plants of varying sizes (tall plants in the background and shorter plants at the front) can provide greater depth and character to the overall design, especially for smaller gardens.


Relaxation Areas

Sheltered sitting areas are perfect for private parties when the weather turns for the worse. This is accomplished with the installation of a pavilion or a hedged sitting area with laid out benches and chairs. Shade trees such as maple and oak are ideal in larger backyards. An outdoor fire-pit is a great backyard installation to have for when the temperature dips. Consider it a permanent campfire that is always at your service. Fire-pits are available in various materials, with some models doubling up as cooking/barbecue devices for homeowners who wish to integrate a dining experience.


Relaxation zones should be separated from the rest of your backyard garden for optimal privacy. You can achieve this with arched frames hidden behind foliage and offset stepping stone pathways that seem to vanish into the distance. The enigmatic layout gives guests a sense of anticipation by adding a layer of mystique and fantasy to your spaces. They will feel like characters invited to a fairytale party and are not sure what to expect.


Living Spaces

Backyards are livelier with birds, bees, and butterflies. The nectar-rich plants and fruit trees attract insects. Birds are likely to pay a visit if your backyard contains a water feature (where they will be stopping by for a quick drink). When in doubt, try planting a variety of plants and letting some go to seed to monitor results. The presence of these natural inhabitants provides a dynamic atmosphere that raises the appeal of your garden.


Al Fresco Dining

Food is one of the quickest ways to a person’s heart. A relaxing backyard guest area should be topped off with an outdoor dining area for the perfect finishing touch. Aside from fire-pits, homeowners may consider fully accessorized outdoor kitchens with BBQ pits, washing areas, benches, and pergolas for the ultimate backyard party within your secret garden.


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