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Garage lofts are hidden gems tucked neatly away from the main structure of your abode. Garages are for parking your cars and storage space for seasonal items (like the Christmas tree), tools, or spare house supplies. Lofts have the potential to enhance those spaces in surprising ways.

A well-designed loft can help homeowners express their creative side without disrupting the function of their homes. With the right amount of research and preparation, these elevated spaces may be your home away from home.

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Entertainment Central

The sounds from televisions and home theater systems in the loft are within the garage. Guests will be able to enjoy an immersive viewing experience late into the night without bugging the neighbors. A loft is also an ideal place for a gaming room. Some homeowners may choose to create a cozy environment or a man cave where friends retreat from external stressors, play some video games, sometimes over a drink or two.

Home Remodeling Wichita Garage Loft

Additional Living Space With Privacy in Mind

Lofts can help expand the living spaces in your home. These may be fitted with central heating and plumbing to transform the place into a fully functional residential area.

Safety is a priority. Homeowners should keep motor fumes away from loft levels if they plan to convert them into residential zones. Ventilation can be improved with the installation of skylights and well-positioned windows.

It is also essential to consult an engineer to ensure the structural stability of your deck. This is usually achieved with the installation of accurately measured beams and pillars.

The type of stair has a significant impact on living conditions and the spaciousness of your garage. Conventional stairs usually occupy too much space, though they’re the most stable option. Ladders have a minimal framework, but they are the least durable and are treacherous when you’re carrying items up to the loft. Outdoor stairs are usually the best option since they occupy zero garage space while keeping your loft sealed away from fumes.

External stairs should be constructed with weatherproof material as they will be exposed to the elements. Aluminum is a popular option for rails due to its highly-resistant surfaces. Loft apartments can serve a wide variety of purposes: hosting visiting relatives, renting out for some additional income, or for long-term Airbnb arrangements.

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Private Home Office Above Your Garage

There are few places in the house that offer the comfort and tranquility of a garage loft. Home offices are becoming increasingly popular in recent times. Loft offices are also conducive for client meetings while preserving the privacy of your home. Soundproof walls and heavy window drapes are some additional noise cancellation methods that will help create a peaceful work environment. A small disclaimer, though, you might end up getting more work done compared to your regular workplace!

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