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Relaxing outdoor spaces like decks provide you with fresh air and sunlight while you engage in meaningful conversations with your loved ones. Decks should be designed to enhance the ambiance of your surrounding environment and sceneries. Here are a few ideas to inspire you from the Wichita deck builders of Southwestern Remodeling.

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21st Century Cozy Gathering Areas

Decades or even centuries ago, gardens and patios were relaxing spots for quality conversations. These days, decks are a modern take on the cozy gathering area.

Warm colors are best used for such a setting, which creates a more inviting vibe. We’d recommend incorporating wooden floor panels with a lighter tone. Oak is a common material option, while bamboo has gained a rise in popularity for its eco-friendly properties. You can also pair lighter hues against dark wooden stair rails and benches made from redwood for a beautiful contrast.

Outdoor furniture and cushions are versatile accessories that can further soften the overall atmosphere, providing an intimate finishing touch to the overall look.

Deck Builders Wichita Spa Ashram

Spa Ashram Style Decks

Inspired by Eastern spa practices, this layout centralizes on an integrated jacuzzi or hot bath feature. The pool zone may be encircled with a foot reflexology stone path to enhance the therapeutic theme.

You might consider adding stylish shelters around your pool so you can enjoy a good soak, whether it is rain or shine. These installations will also add depth to the design of your environment. Pergolas are attractive open-air options, which can double up against the elements with a screen add-on.

This layout is a welcome sight for busy individuals who wish to unwind and relax after a hectic day at the workplace. The spa ashram will reinvigorate your body, mind, and spirit.

Deck Builders Wichita Garden Deck

Garden Deck

Ideal for a homeowner with a green thumb, the garden deck design heavily features botanical decor that complements the main sitting area. Wooden garden benches and deck chairs make up the sitting zone. This area will be surrounded by built-in planters with a prismatic floral arrangement to create a private and relaxing space tucked away from external disturbances.

We recommend the pairing of pebble and wooden flooring to maintain a modern and nature-themed appearance.

It might be a good idea to add composite deck railings to isolate the sitting area from the rest of the deck. This creates a more organized and spacious layout. Composite railings are a preferred choice due to their durability and easy maintenance.

Why Choose Southwestern Remodeling Deck Builders?

At Southwestern Remodelling, we’ve been building dream designs across two generations— from the latest home decor trends to vintage themes, we’ve got them all covered. Our experienced deck builders in Wichita will help conceptualize the mood and style that you’re aiming for. We’re here to settle every aspect of your deck reconfiguration, including multi-level decks, integrations (i.e., hot tubs and fans), patterned layouts, and more.

Contact us to speak with our team of deck builders in Wichita, and we’ll ensure your outdoor space turns out extraordinary!