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In the Midwest, the majority of homes have a basement of some kind. In the aptly named “Tornado Alley,” a basement is a necessity, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish and comfortable. A basement increases the amount of livable space in your home dramatically. More and more people make the basement their place to relax and watch TV or a movie. If you spend most of your downtime in your basement, you should make it into a space that fits your specific needs and personality.

Here are some brilliant basement ideas to help you design your perfect basement!

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Game Room

Build a warm and inviting space for games like pool, foosball, shuffleboard, or ping pong. Start with built-in shelves and cabinets, leaving space for the size of TV you want. Paint them in a warm and neutral color. Complete the timeless vibe with warm, mid-tone, wood-look laminate plank flooring. Add recessed can lighting to keep your games well-lit.

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Bright and Light

If you want to give your basement a light and airy feel, you could start with a brick fireplace as a focal point. Since most houses won’t have an actual fireplace in the basement, you could install an electric fireplace, surround it with brick that is painted distressed white, and build hearth in front. Flank the fireplace with built-in shelving. Paint the shelves a mid-tone beige with the walls between shelves painted a light blue or another light color. Add cabinets in the same mid-tone color as the shelves, clean white accent walls and ceiling, recessed can lighting, and a rich wood laminate floor, and you’ve got a basement that feels like Spring throughout the year.

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Maximum Minimalist

A minimalist design can provide maximum impact! Make a statement with a flatscreen TV mounted in one white wall above a gas fireplace and a long white marble hearth. Go bold by installing a glass wine cellar or a wet bar. Complete this dramatic and elegant look with light-colored natural finish wood laminate flooring.

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Rockin’ Rustic

Give your basement an industrial and rustic look with reclaimed wood paneling. This popular trend provides a beautifully unique charm. Create a focal point with floor-to-ceiling paneling in the middle third of one wall. Then, continue the paneling on the bottom halves of the two outer thirds, installing shelves on the unpanelled drywall. Paint the exposed walls and ceiling in off-white tones and install light reclaimed wood laminate flooring. To complete the rustic charm, add a wooden ceiling beam that meets the fully paneled section and matches the finish. Mount your TV on the fully paneled section, and you have a classic basement design that you’ll love for years to come.

Home Remodeling Companies Wichita

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