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One often-overlooked choice when it comes to updating your home is a custom shower. People often use showers as more than just a way to get cleaned up. Some people use the shower as a place to de-stress, letting the hot water loosen tense muscles. Others say they do their best thinking in the shower. Whatever your shower is to you, having a custom tile shower not only looks great but also adds value to your home.

Here are some ideas so you can have the shower you’ve always wanted!

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Big tiles

Instead of the traditional 4×4 or 3×6 subway tile and opting for large format tile can have many benefits. Large tiles mean fewer grout lines, faster installation, and bigger visual appeal. Create a chic and modern shower stall with floor-to-ceiling large tiles on two walls and the floor. If your bathroom is big enough, you could incorporate waist-high tiled walls with glass on two sides. If that won’t work, you could incorporate a tile bench for maximum comfort.

Alternatively, you could choose different tile for the walls and floor to create an accent wall in the shower that is visually stunning. For example, you could tile your shower floor and two walls in white and the large side wall in with patterned black tile for an attention-grabbing accent.

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Nooks and Niches

Adding an inset wall niche in your shower redesign can be as decorative as it is functional. Obviously, you could use them as a place to store your soaps, shampoos, and other shower accouterments. But they could also be used to extend the theme you’ve established in the rest of your bathroom – as long as you make sure the decorative items you put in your shower niches are water-proof!

Most often, shower niches will use the same tile or at least have a similar color to the rest of the shower but you could also take the opportunity to add a pop of color or design. Tiling the back of the niche with vibrant colors or patterns can make a great accent.

Home Remodeling Companies Wichita Shower Stall

Small Shower Stall

Even if you don’t have a large area to work with, you can still add a classy touch to your bathroom with a raised tile shower stall. A mosaic tile base accents white subway tiles on the wall and around the base. This simple but elegant choice will make your bathroom look effortlessly modern.

Home Remodeling Companies Wichita

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