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In the age of Pinterest and Etsy, crafting has become a serious business. If you’re a crafter, having a dedicated studio might become a necessity. However, some crafters might not have an extra room in their house to convert to a studio. But if you have a garage you’re willing to convert, a backyard with an existing shed or a backyard big enough to build a shed, you could build a cozy and comfortable craft shed.

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Update and Improve

If you have an existing shed, there are many ways you can update it to fit your crafting needs. Add a workbench with pegboard on the wall above it to create an organized workspace with easy access to all your crafting tools. In addition, you can install cabinets and shelves to ensure that you always have a stock of your crafting material of choice ready. Add a small porch and extend the roof to create a beautifully simple place to take a break and have a quiet moment.

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Crafty Caravan

Create a crafting space as unique as you with a caravan, sometimes called a shepherd’s hut. Wheeled into your back yard this whimsical shed/trailer hybrid has grown in popularity thanks to the “tiny house” craze. Caravans are designed to be lived in so you’ll have abundant natural light with ample storage and even a loft bed if you need a rest after a long crafting binge. If you’re too busy to rest, convert the loft bed to a workbench for added space to work.

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Storage Galore

If storage is a priority and you can’t completely convert your existing shed or garage into a crafting space, you could split the difference. Build a wall or partition down the middle then designate one side for storage. This could be outright storage of bikes, mowers, and outdoor equipment or you could use it strictly for storing your crafting supplies or projects. Make the other half the perfect crafting area with shelves, cabinets, a workbench, or any other crafting must-haves. Add doors to keep out the elements and you have a great crafting duplex.

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