Kitchen Remodel Wichita: Creating A Well-Equipped (And Organized) Kitchen

kitchen remodel wichita

Your kitchen is one of the social hubs of your home. People naturally gather around food. So if you plan to spend a lot of time in your kitchen, and even if you don’t, adequate storage space is a must. But storage can only take you so far. You’ll need organization as well. Check out these storage and organization options you can use to elevate your next kitchen remodel in Wichita!

Pots and Pans Close At Hand

Keep all your pots, pans, and other cooking and baking gear together with a wide pull out cabinet. Add a drawer above the pullout for oven mitts, trivets, towels, etc. If space won’t allow for an accommodating wide pullout and you install cabinets with doors and shelves, the way you organize can optimize the area and ensure you can fit everything. Start by stacking anything flat and long along the side of the cabinet. Next, stack pots and pans so that they nest into one another. Finally, stack your pot lids in a container behind your stacked pots and pans.

Sauce, Oil, and Spice, Looking Nice

If you have space during your next kitchen remodel, a pullout spice rack next to your range gives you easy access to spices, sauces, and oils. If that’s not an option for your remodel, you can add spice rack shelves on a wall near your range or dedicate a deep drawer with a drawer organizer to these ingredients. If none of those options are feasible, you can put all the spices and ingredients you use regularly in a shoebox or rectangular tote and put them in a cabinet.

Charging Drawers and Cabinets

Laptops, tablets, and cell phones are extremely useful tools that have become integral parts of our lives. However, they clutter up countertops, taking up valuable space in the kitchen. Fortunately, options abound. If you’re remodeling, you could add a dedicated charging cabinet with electrical outlets built in. You could store your keys, bag, phone, even small laptops here. That could help to ensure that all your essential gear stays in one place. If a whole cabinet won’t won’t work and you have an electrical outlet close, you could install a power strip in a drawer to create a dedicated charging drawer.

Kitchen Cleaning Storage

Cleaning supplies are an essential part of your kitchen, so ideally, you would give them a dedicated space to keep them close at hand. One of the most common places to keep these supplies is under your sink. If you have enough space, you could install a pullout drawer with built-in dividers to keep all your supplies together and organized. Sometimes you won’t have the space for that so you could consider caddies that hold similar supplies and allow you to grab what you need and take it where you need it. Barring that, you could install tension shelves to organize and utilize as much space as possible.

Ready For A Kitchen Remodel In Wichita?

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