Wichita Remodeling Experts: Stylish, Inviting Living Room Designs

Stylish, Inviting Living Room Designs

Reading, Relaxation, and Repartee

Your living room can be a place for rest and relaxation, a place for entertaining guests, or a more formal part of your house. But no matter what, it should be a reflection of your personality. Keep your living room from being bland and boring with these design ideas.

Creating a comfortable, cozy living room is a great decision not only for your day-to-day living but for your guests as well. If you’re a reader, you could design your living room with optimum natural light and built-in bookshelves. Mid- to dark-toned wood floors can help to create a warm and sophisticated feel in your reading room. Similarly, you can add built-in shelves around your fireplace with white or light ceilings and walls and light to mid-tone wood floors. This gives your living room a bright, cheery feeling and gives you a great room to entertain guests.

Magnificent Media Center

If you want to make your living room into a comfortable place to watch TV or movies, a built-in entertainment center is a stylish and functional option. Include a big space for your TV and smaller shelves to hold photo frames, books, knick-knacks, Blu-rays, etc. Increase your storage space with drawers and cabinets. Accentuate your decor with trendy light fixtures.

Terrific Texture

If you don’t have room for a whole wall entertainment center, another option is adding eye-catching textures. Add a timeless touch by outlining your fireplace with stone and accenting with a warm wood TV nook. Or mix a tile fireplace surround with wood accents, exposed ceiling beams and smooth cabinets for an interesting yet inviting style.

Chic Color

One of the simplest ways to set the mood of your living room is with color. Simply installing dark wood floors to accent white walls, cabinets, and shelving can make a major difference. If you have a fireplace, you could add a snazzy focal point by covering it with vibrantly patterned tile.

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