Wichita Home Remodeling Experts: Make Your Bathroom Warm and Welcoming


When it comes to home remodeling, it’s easy to overlook your bathroom. Focus usually falls on kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms. The places where people gather. However, between your family and your guests, your bathroom will get a lot of use, so making it feel inviting and comfortable is important. If you’re remodeling the bathroom in your Wichita home, check these options to create your warm and welcoming bathroom.

Tried and True Tile

Tile seems like an overly obvious bathroom option. In fact, your bathroom may already have existing tile in it. But with a wide range of materials, patterns, textures, and colors, you can use tile to transform your bathroom.

Whether it’s on the floor, walls, or both, stone tile instantly adds a rich, comfortable feeling to your bathroom. Its pleasing texture will make your guests feel like they’ve walked into a spa. You can install it by itself or use it as a beautiful accent to porcelain and ceramic tile.

If your budget won’t allow tile on every wall, you can tile one wall from floor to ceiling. Paint the other walls, and you have a tile accent wall that makes a stunning statement.

Rectangular white tile, often referred to as “subway tile,” is usually designed with spacers built in to be installed on walls in a uniform grid pattern. This creates a traditional look that can get boring fast. If you like the simplicity of subway tile, you could offset your rows to create a pleasing pattern. Or rotate every other tile to create an even more eye-catching design. Contrast your white or off-white tile walls with a bright and colorful patterned floor tile to make both stand out. Even simply varying the shape of your tile can create a big impact with minimal effort.

The Wonders of Wood

Wood can add texture and warmth to your bathroom. Rich wood vanities, shelves, or cabinets create a pleasing contrast to tile floors and walls. Depending on the color of your floor and walls, the wood elements in your bathroom can be stained to provide the perfect accent. You could even add a dresser-style vanity to add an elegant flair. Whatever wood elements you decide to use, it’s essential to ensure they have a good coat of finish to protect from the damp bathroom conditions.

Find Your Niche

Commonly, people wish they had more storage space in their home. If you’re doing a major bathroom remodel, you could look for space in your walls to create storage niches. Creating these niches can not only add much-needed storage space but also create a visually appealing sense of casual sophistication. And the customization opportunities are endless. Your niche could be open and tiled or enclosed with a glass door or wooden one that matches the rest of your woodwork. It could be a deep shelf or a shallow ledge for toiletries.

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