Wichita Home Remodeling Experts: Connecting Your Home’s Social Hubs

Back Patio Deck

Your kitchen and your backyard complement one another as the social hubs of your home. You gather around the kitchen for family dinners or when hosting guests. And the backyard offers a wide array of social possibilities. So backyard access from your kitchen opens up a world of possibilities for social interaction in your Wichita, KS, home.

The easiest place to start making your backyard an extension of your kitchen and dining room is adding landscaping. This will work even if you don’t have direct backyard access from your kitchen. Planting trees to create a shady oasis on your deck or patio can make them feel 10 to 15 degrees cooler.

Patio Fireplace

If you already have backyard access from your kitchen, another idea is to make your backyard more inviting. Back decks and backyard patios are often built simply to save on initial construction costs. While these plain decks and patios serve their purpose, they don’t have the same enticing feeling as more customized ones. Upgrading your deck or patio will draw your family and guests outside more often. Adding a pergola over your deck or a fire pit to your patio creates an outdoor gathering space they can’t help but want to use.

Another option could be a full kitchen remodel. This option will give you the added flexibility to get exactly what you want in your kitchen. If you have walls or even unused rooms that separate your kitchen from the backyard, knocking them down to expand your kitchen and dining room might give you the space you need. And since you’ll already be tearing down walls, you could take it as an opportunity to rearrange parts of your kitchen and dining room to fit your specific needs. Then once your kitchen and dining room are perfect, you can upgrade your deck or patio to create your ultimate social space!

Deck Grill

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