Wichita Home Remodeling Trend Alert: Bathroom Chandeliers

While there are many ways to improve your home, remodeling is how you create the home of your dreams. From countertops and cabinets to breaking down walls and starting fresh, you can change the whole look and feel of your home with the right remodeling project. While there are many common areas to remodel in your residence, the bathroom is an area that usually has top priority when homeowners decide to remodel. But with so many ideas and options out there, how are you supposed to choose the right bathroom remodeling project? It may sound surprising, but adding a chandelier to your bathroom setting can add amazing style and elegance to this room. In this post, we’ll discuss how to find the perfect bathroom chandelier for your needs, including who to contact to get the job done right.

Consider the Available Room

When you’re thinking of adding a chandelier to your bathroom, you first must consider the size of the room. While you might want a chandelier that stands out, you don’t want it too overpowering. Another key factor to consider is the height and slope of the ceiling. Consider where the chandelier will hang and how far it will hang down. It may be difficult to picture, but visualizing the piece and really thinking about dimensions will help you find a chandelier that’ll bring your bathroom to life.

Think About Layout Options

Especially if you’re remodeling your whole bathroom, thinking about the layout is one of the most important things to consider for your chandelier needs. Chandeliers are very powerful pieces of furniture, so when you’re deciding on layout options, you should think about where you want your focal point to be. A great option is to place the chandelier over the tub. This placement draws your eyes over the tub and creates emphasis on this area.

Choosing Your Style and Material

Are you looking for a large, extravagant chandelier? How about something more simple and less flashy? Given how chandeliers add an incredible amount of style to any room, deciding your style needs is a good place to start. That being said, think about the color collaborations in your bathroom and be sure to match up your styles accordingly. Thinking about the material used is also a key factor. Subtle, light-colored materials are an excellent choice to keep your ceiling area more open.

What’s Your Budget?

If you’re thinking about adding a chandelier to your bathroom look, your budget is a huge factor to consider. In fact, this should be the very first place that you start. However, it’s important to not only budget for the cost of the chandelier itself, but budget for electrical needs and the installation if you’re having it installed professionally. We know that these costs can add up quickly so be sure to budget for all of your needs before beginning your search.

Best Time to Add a Chandelier

Deciding when to add a chandelier to your bathroom should also be a top consideration. With how much work is needed from an electrical and installation standpoint, we recommend having one installed when your bathroom is already under construction. You might also have to repair and repaint the ceiling if a lot of electrical work is needed, so you should also prepare for this accordingly.

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