Popular Master Bedroom Designs for You to Consider | Home Remodeling Wichita

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary; a room that tastefully reflects your personality, color, and design preferences. Below are a few popular master bedroom designs to consider when you decide to revamp your own private retreat from the world.

Sitting Area: A Place to Retreat

If space allows, why not create a sitting area in your master bedroom? This provides you with a great retreat where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of your busy family and indulge in a favorite hobby, such as reading, needlework, painting on canvas, or simply meditating.

Many homeowners create a sitting area near a window in their master bedroom. Perhaps you would like to have a cozy window seat installed where you can add some decorative throw pillows that complement the colors in your bedroom. Another idea is to purchase a comfortable recliner, chaise lounge, or another type of easy chair to place in the area. Add a small end table with a lamp to the area for a serene and peaceful place to gather your thoughts after a long day.

You can even place a small circular table in the area with a few chairs around it. This gives you space where you can have loving talks with your children, your spouse, or even play a few board games with a friend or two. Another idea is to have a small desk and chair where you can do your correspondence, pay bills, or other projects.

The Whole-Wall Headboard

If your master bedroom has space limitations or you prefer a minimalistic look, think about installing a whole-wall headboard with cabinets and drawers. This will provide you with lots of space to store clothing, linens, and any other necessities of your life. It helps keep the clutter out of sight and provides adequate storage. This prevents you from having to have a dresser, armoire, or other pieces of furniture that may crowd the space.
Lovers of books may choose to have a whole-wall bookshelf headboard that is perfect for your book collections or attractive decorative pieces, such as baskets, candles or sculptures.

Some whole-wall headboards are for decorative purposes only. As a focal point, they set the tone of the room. You can invest in headboards that have a tufted look, have upholstered panels, resemble a giant piece of art, have tilework or even barn doors.

These whole-wall headboards really pop and add pizzazz and ambiance to a bedroom whether your preference is a southwestern, country, traditional, or a contemporary style.

Pure Opulence

Many homeowners desire a master bedroom that transports them to a place of opulence, with luxurious fabrics and textures that make them feel pampered, romantic, and cherished. You can purchase a headboard with satin, silk, or other sumptuous materials. Utilize these types of fabrics in easy chairs that you place around the room or as padding on a window seat or the top of a hope chest. Another lush look for this type of room is a canopy bed with mosquito netting curtains or ones made of chiffon. Hang lavish draperies on the windows made of lace or heavy damask to further set the tone of a sensuous look in your boudoir.

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