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Whether you’re an empty nester or have a bedroom to spare, knowing what to do with the extra space in your Wichita home is challenging when you don’t have a plan. Luckily, there are tons of options for remodeling your bonus room. Check out these popular remodeling ideas for inspiration to upgrade your spare bedroom:

The Walk-in Closet of Your Dreams

You can give your spare bedroom a major upgrade by turning it into the walk-in closet of your dreams with fancy fixtures, such as a chandelier or mirrored cabinetry. Make it functional and efficient by using dividers for jewelry, extender rods, a rolling rack, hooks, and lighting for dark nooks. You can also personalize your dream walk-in closet by including custom flooring, a shag rug or seating, such as a plush velvet ottoman for you and your guests to sit.

A Home Office

Getting work done from home is easy when you transform your spare bedroom into a home office. If your bonus room offers a beautiful view, center your desk near the window for inspiration while you get work done. Plan for technology by using desks or accessories that help conceal wires and cords. Also, add a personal touch by installing a corkboard or whiteboard for keeping notes or writing reminders.

A Guest Bedroom

Transform your bonus room into a cozy guest room by choosing a color palette or theme of your preference, such as coastal or farmhouse style. The guest room can also turn into the best room when you incorporate comfortable features, such as down-filled duvets, layered linens with percale cotton bedding, or soft, high-pile carpets. Consider upgrading the room with tray ceilings, paneled walls, striped wall-paper and custom window treatments for a sophisticated look.

A Craft Room

Consider upgrading your spare bedroom into a creative space by turning it into a craft room. Start by thinking about the crafts or hobbies you want to work on while in the room and design your remodel around it. For example, if you plan to use your craft room for making clothes, make sure you include a place to store your fabrics, sewing machine and supplies, such as built-in cabinetry, a multipurpose storage unit, a large, solid work table or a custom-built island with a cutting board tabletop.

A Reading Nook or Library

Turn your bonus room into a library or use just a small part of it as a reading nook by creating zones for reading, sitting and storing your books. You can include modular bookshelves or use a rolling hutch that transforms into a space to store your books and sit. Also, include a desk lamp and a comfortable chair with a high back and footstool to make reading relaxing at any time of the day.

An Exercise Space

Convert your bonus room into space for exercising. Paint the room in an energy-boosting color of your choice to get motivated during your morning workout, such as a bold red hue. You can also opt for cool-toned colors or neutral tones for a serene look, such as gray, mint green or white if you plan to turn your exercise space into a yoga room. Also, consider adding flooring with rubber tiles that interlock for better shock absorption and injury prevention.

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Deciding what to do with a spare bedroom is simple when you have a few ideas. But putting a spare bedroom remodel into action doesn’t have to be a solo job. You can get the help of home remodeling professionals right in Wichita from experts in the field, such as Southwestern Remodeling.

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