Wichita Home Remodeling Trend Alert: Outdoor Remodeling Projects

Wichita Home Remodeling Trend Alert: Outdoor Remodeling Projects

Exceptional outdoor space is essential for homeowners, whether you’re selling your home or not. Going green is in and over-the-top outdoor appliances are out. So when you’re looking to revamp your curb appeal, back or front yard, these time-saving, cost-effective trends will entice you to try something new.

Before you Start Your Home Remodeling Project

While your head is wiring with ideas and suggestions form others, magazines, and the internet, consider what you truly want/need in your outdoor living space. Are you a homeowner that loves the company of friends? You want a ‘green’ play area for the kids. Whatever your lifestyle, be sure it’s one that is practical and functional.

Green Space

Decks and patios can be transformed to open, green space that blends into your landscape scene. The versatility options are endless when it comes to transforming your deck or patio space. Built-in grills, wood flooring, and stone walls offer an open and cozy feel to the outdoor space, leaving the skyline your evening entertainment.

Quality Over Price

Ditch the idea that you need a pricey upgrade for your outdoor space. Nowadays, homeowners are investing in high-quality, natural materials such as cedar, hand-cut stone, and even oyster shell turf. The oyster shells can be strewn over a garden or pathway to home. Lofty cedar wood trellis and stone outdoor grill are eye-catching additions to any home.

Bring the Indoors, Outside!

There was once a time when outdoor and indoor furniture were separate entities (and to some degree they still are). But nowadays, you can find decor and furniture with brilliant fabrics in various textures an designs that withstand the elements of the great outdoors. This trend is increasing in popularity because you can mix and match colors and styles and decor to bring that desired look to your outdoor space.

Showcase Your Garden

Gardens aren’t just for a small space off the side in your backyard. Homeowners are creating a lush landscape of flowers as well as vegetables that bring not only beauty but functionality to your outdoor space. Various vegetables and herbs really add a kick of color to your yard as well as strawberry and grape vines.

Add a Water Feature

There’s something magical about the soothing trickle of peaceful waters. Whether you’re next to a pond or fountain, consider adding this popular trend to your outdoor living remodeling project. You don’t need a fancy pool with tropical fish, a subtle pond or water fountain will add that serene element that others gravitate towards. Fountains, bird baths, and ponds can be home for many wildlife, which will breath a whole new life into your beautiful home.

Call Southwestern Home Remodeling – Wichita’s Home Remodeling Company

You don’t have to get the look on your own, either. Consider using professionals who have expertise in outdoor living design, such as Wichita-based Southwestern Remodeling. To learn more about outdoor living trends and how you can apply them to your home, Southwestern Remodeling offers the home remodeling and outdoor living design expertise you need. As expert contractors in the field, you can expect professional and reliable home remodeling services that you can leverage to revamp your outdoor space using the latest trends for outdoor living.