Home Remodeling Trends: Wine Cellars for All Design Styles


Wine cellars can do much more than protect your cherished wines from extreme temperatures, changes in humidity, and sunlight. They can add a decorative element to your home remodeling upgrades. To get the most out of your wine cellar, though, you will need to find one with a distinctive style that suits your space’s aesthetic.

Home Remodeling Trend: Develop Innovative Wine Displays

Wine bottles look as beautiful as the elixir inside tastes. Why not take advantage of that beauty by using an innovative display that shows off your favorite designs.

An innovative wine display could include:

  • Racks designed to show each bottle’s label.
  • Hanging racks that make the bottles fully visible.
  • Stone ledges that keep every bottle in its right place.

Let your creativity flow while you imagine innovative displays. Your Wichita, KS contractor can help you decide which idea is the best option for your location and style preferences.

Home Remodeling Trend: Present Wine as Art

While you want to store most of your wine in a temperature-controlled area, you can present other bottles as works of art. Establish a floating shelf or similar system that lets you display bottles to your guests.

One of the great things about displaying wine as art is that you can renew your room’s look often. It’s best to display bottles that you plan to drink soon. If they sit out too long, they may lose some of their intricate flavors. As long as you drink a couple of bottles a week, you get to present new art to your guests every time they visit.

Home Remodeling Trend: Make Wine a Part of Your Architecture

You don’t have to hide your wine cellar in the basement. Instead, make it an important part of your home’s or restaurant’s architecture. For instance, you could replace an old fireplace with a brick wine cellar that’s built into your wall. You could also redesign cabinets, closets, and other areas into wine racks that protect your bottles and plays a role in your building’s architecture.

Home Remodeling Trend: Add a Tasting Space in Your Wine Cellar

Some people think of wine cellars as dark places where they wouldn’t want to spend much time. In truth, you can build an inviting wine cellar that includes a tasting space.

Add a table and a few comfortable tables to the room so people can relax while they enjoy their wine. If you build the cellar properly, you can add lighting to the room while keeping your cherished bottles protected.

Home Remodeling Trend: Create Nearby Storage for Supplies

Drinking wine requires a few tools. Depending on your habits, you may have a variety of decanters, glass styles, bottle openers, and other supplies to bring out the best flavors in your wine.

Adding nearby storage for your supplies makes it more likely that you will always choose the right tool for the wine you’re drinking. For instance, you’ll always have a long-stemmed glass nearby that keeps chardonnays cool.

Nearby storage will also make it easier for your guests to ask for the specific glasses and accessories that they enjoy. If the accessories are in another room, then your guests probably won’t ask. They don’t want to be rude, after all. With the accessories within reach, though, they’ll have a better experience with the wine and your company.

Looking for the perfect wine cellar for your Wichita, KS home? Talk to the professionals at Southwestern Remodeling. They can help you create a unique design that matches your location perfectly. Southwestern Remodeling can even build and install a personal wine cellar in your Wichita, KS home.