Maximize Your Bathroom Storage with Wichita Home Remodeling

Wichita Home Remodeling Maximize Your Bathroom Storage

Keeping a bathroom neat and tidy at all times is hard to do, especially if you have stuff all over the place. This is the area where you get clean, therefore, you want it to be clean and organized at all times.

Is your bathroom littered with items strewn across the countertops and stuffed haphazardly into drawers and under the sink? If so, it is probably time for a basic bathroom remodel that adds plenty of storage space.

Read on to learn about some simple ways to remodel your bathroom to maximize storage:

Add Open Shelves to Your Bathroom Remodel

One way to get the most storage out of your bathroom space is to add open shelving. This can be done along an entire wall, above the bathroom sink, or in any place available. This gives you easy access to your items and keeps your bathroom tidy. If you want to cover up the shelves, you can hide them behind a stylish curtain that matches the color scheme of your bathroom.

Stylish Trays Add A Unique Element to Your Bathroom Remodel

For the items you want to keep handy, a stylish tray is the way to go. This trendy way to keep lotions, face wash, soap, and other bathroom items handy while looking great will add both beauty and functionality to your space. You can start with a simple tray in any material you choose, such as marble, glass, brass, and more to complement the look of your countertops.

Update Cabinets With New Drawers

Depending on the design of your current bathroom, adding new, more functional drawers is always an option since they come in many styles. For example, you can opt for long, thin drawers that holds smaller items.

Other drawer types include double drawers under the vanity for bigger, bulkier items; toe-kick drawers, which are installed in the toe space area of a cabinet and can be opened with the toe of your toe; tip out drawers that give you easy access to smaller items that are frequently used, like floss and toothpaste; and shaped, shallow drawers that can be installed into a wall or existing vanity to easily make for more storage.

Reconfigurable Bins Add Organization to Your Bathroom Remodel

An easy and stylish way to add more storage to your bathroom is with reconfigurable bins. These bins fit easily into a bin container and can hold a lot of bathroom items without leaving a mess behind. This open storage option is a great place to hold your towels, cotton balls, sponges, bath salts, and more.

Organize Your Drawers With Vertical Dividers

These dividers can be added to any drawer. Instead of having every drawer in your bathroom looking like a junk drawer, add vertical dividers to keep items neat and organized.

Semi-adjustable Drawer Compartments

This is another way you can organize the space in your drawers. Simply add compartments to the area to organize and hold bathroom items such as cosmetics, grooming items, and more.

Create Custom Tool Slots For Added Organization

This is the perfect way to hold items like toothbrushes and handheld floss. Tool slots keep your bathroom surface free from having these items scattered across your vanity and leaving behind pools of water and other messes.

For more insight on remodeling your bathroom for extra storage, Wichita-based Southwestern Remodeling contractors are experts in their field and can help you convert your bathroom into the perfect environment for all members of the family.