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Outdoor Living Trends Wichita Home Remodeling

When warmer weather rolls in, your outdoor space is the ideal area to spend your time. But a change in seasons can also mean that it’s time for your outdoor space to get a much-needed makeover. The great news is that there are a ton of different trends you can use to give your outdoor living space a fresh look. Here are a few popular outdoor living trends you can try:

Outdoor Living Trend 1: Backyard Bar

A backyard bar is all the rage now thanks to its versatility and convenience. With a backyard bar, you can add an instant entertainment space outdoors. Consider giving an underused shed a new purpose by using it as the main stage for your bar area. Just add a cooler, bar stools and a counter to bring the pub to your backyard.

Outdoor Living Trend 2: Using Bluestone

Bluestone offers an updated look for your patio or deck and stands the test of time. This dense sandstone is sturdy and resists discoloring and cracks. It’s also versatile and flexible as you can use it for creating a fireplace or even a pathway.

Outdoor Living Trend 3: Separate Fire Pit Area

Instead of designing the fire pit to be a secondary part of the main area of your outdoor living space, consider making the fire pit area its own focal point by separating it from the main outdoor space. By having a specially designated area for the fire pit in your backyard, you can create a special seating area for those post-outdoor dinner gatherings to bond with family and friends.

Outdoor Living Trend 4: Water Features

Water is a very calming element and can help add some serenity to your outdoor space. Adding water features to your backyard doesn’t have to break the bank, either. You can include water systems that are self-contained and inexpensive, such as in a portable fountain, birdbath or an urn. Consider including water features, such as a pond or water fountain, for a peaceful sounding garden.

Outdoor Living Trend 5: Indoor-Outdoor Transition

Extend the look of indoor living to the great outdoors when you embrace the indoor-outdoor transition trend. You can implement this trend in your outdoor space makeover by using outdoor fabrics that give the look of indoor fabrics but provide the durability to withstand the elements. Consider furniture or cover-ups made with fabrics that are waterproof and resists fading due to sun damage to extend the life of your outdoor furniture. Set up your outdoor seating area similar to your living room for a transitional look by using a coffee table, armchairs and a love seat made for the outdoors. Also, try using toss pillows with patterns to add an element of comfort and contrast while updating the look of your outdoor seating area.

Outdoor Living Trend 6: Pergolas

Pergolas are a great way to add shade to your outdoor space while adding a dramatic effect. They make a great setting to cover an outdoor bar or kitchen. You can also use it provide shade for a long, rectangular outdoor dining table. Consider planting vines or hanging plants from your pergola to enhance the look of your outdoor space.

Final Thoughts On Outdoor Living Trends

Whether you’re aiming to change the look of one part of your outdoor space or in need of a completely new design, you have tons of options for inspiration with outdoor living trends, such as pergolas and Bluestone. You don’t have to get the look on your own, either. Consider using professionals who have expertise in outdoor living design, such as Wichita-based Southwestern Remodeling. To learn more about outdoor living trends and how you can apply them to your home, Southwestern Remodeling offers the home remodeling and outdoor living design expertise you need. As expert contractors in the field, you can expect professional and reliable home remodeling services that you can leverage to revamp your outdoor space using the latest trends for outdoor living.