Your Guide to a Smooth-Running Home Remodeling Project

Your Guide to a Smooth-Running Home Remodeling Project

Home Remodeling Tip 1: Don’t Skimp on Design Help

While you may believe taking the DIY approach is helping you save money, you may be making mistakes that can cost you in the long run. But when you leverage the help of a design professional that has experience with home remodeling, you can save time and money by avoiding typical design mistakes homeowners make, such as making too many changes during your project or skimping on quality. Hiring a design and remodeling expert from the start will help you stay on target with your remodeling project deadlines, as well as help you save time from having to redo poorly remodeled rooms.

Home Remodeling Tip 2: Establish Your Goals (and Refer Back to Them Frequently)

It’s important to establish your goals, and refer back to these goals frequently as possible. Put your goals in writing so you and your remodeling team are clear on what needs to be accomplished during the project. Your goals should clearly define how each space will be used, the importance of indoor air quality, lighting and energy efficiency, and any other important aspect you want to achieve.

Home Remodeling Tip 3: Establish Your Budget

Your budget will help you determine how large and extensive of a remodeling project you can afford. That’s why it’s key to create a budget that can help you realistically achieve your goals. Research standard project costs to be aware of what to expect to pay in your area. According to Home Advisor, the national average for home remodeling costs for homes with multiple rooms is $39,966 and can generally range from as low as $16,884 to as high as $64,189. In the Wichita, Kansas area, that average is $33,596. So, it’s key to budget according to what you want to achieve and where you live. Make sure your budget also accounts for unexpected costs, such as project delays due to inclement weather or the need for permits or extra plumbing or electrical wiring.

Home Remodeling Tip 4: Communicate Frequently With Your Remodeling Team

Communication is a key component to ensure the design process is moving along and that everything is in place. Always keep the communication open and frequent with your design team to avoid potential problems later on in the remodeling process.

Partner With The Southwestern Home Remodeling Team

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