Wichita Outdoor Living: What You Should Know About Installing a Stone Patio

Wichita Outdoor Living: What You Should Know About Installing a Stone Patio

Whether you want to add living space or expand your cooking and dining options to the outdoors, a stone patio can be a great addition to your Wichita home. Building the right stone patio for your tastes and needs takes planning. You’ll want to consider factors such as the type of stone, patio size and shape and the ideal time for building your outdoor living experience. Here are a few things you should know before installing a stone patio into your landscaping.

Two Types of Stone Patios

While the layout possibilities are endless, there are two ways to lay a stone patio: wet or dry. Both types can work well in the Wichita area, but it’s best to consider the pros and cons of each.

A wet-laid stone patio is started with a concrete or mortar surface. Stones are placed on the wet surface and then mortared together permanently. A wet-laid stone patio is typically:

  • More durable than a dry-laid patio
  • Provides a smoother surface
  • Can withstand heavier traffic
  • Because wet-laid stone patios are permanently mortared, they are more expensive to create but require less maintenance over the years.

Unlike wet-laid stone patios, the dry-laid method is started with a surface of compacted sand or gravel. The stones are then placed on top and the gaps are filled in with additional sand, stone dust or gravel. Ground cover can also be used as gap filler. Although dry-laid stone patios are less expensive to install, they do require more maintenance than wet-laid patios. But because dry-laid patios aren’t permanently placed, they correct for natural shifts in the soil and can be moved or expanded.

Types of Stone for Patios

Bringing the beauty of Wichita naturally to your landscaping can be done by using local stones or by using a variety of other stones. Consider the shape and size of surrounding features like indigenous trees, plants or waterways to help choose the type of stones and look you want.

Cut Stone
Pavers, or cut stones, come in a variety of colors, hues and materials. Prices vary, but cut stone can be used by itself or as an accent to achieve the size and shape of patio for your space. Cut stone works well in both wet-laid and dry-laid patios.

The irregular shape of flagstone gives a rustic and natural feel to your stone patio. Flagstone is equally beautiful in dry-laid and wet-laid patios. The pieces are carefully laid out with the edges matched as closely as possible; however, the rough shapes and edges are part of the natural look. The pieces take more time to fit together so you can expect a higher cost when using flagstone.

Precast stones in rectangular, square or other geometric shapes are generally the least expensive option for your stone patio. They are cast from concrete and work well in wet-laid patio settings.

The Best Time to Start Your Wichita Patio Project

Wichita weather provides plenty of time for installing your stone patio. Ideally, you’ll want to make sure the soil has no chance of freezing while you’re completing your project. You’ll also want dry soil, so avoid weeks with rain in the forecast. This applies to both wet-laid and dry-laid stone patios. Additionally, warm weather helps speed up drying times for concrete, so choose warmer weather for wet-laid patios. Late spring into summer is the best time, but stone patios can be installed in Wichita throughout late summer and into the fall months as well.

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