Choosing the Right Color for Your Bedroom Remodel

Choosing the Right Color for Your Bedroom Remodel

Color is a critical choice in the design of any room because colors have an emotional resonance. That means when people see certain colors, they tend to respond to them in certain ways; blues are known for bringing calm to a space while reds are more passionate and support action.

If you’re looking to spruce up your Wichita, KS, home, you can use any color you like. After all, it’s your private sanctuary and you want to choose hues you love. Understanding what various colors bring to the equation, and how to pair them as accents or complements, helps you create a space you’ll love to lounge and sleep in.

Here are some colors you might incorporate into your bedroom remodel


Pink is a bright, fun tone that doesn’t have to favor one gender over the other. Besides, according to designer Jennifer Ott, pink flatters almost any skin tone, which means you look great in your newly remodeled room too. Pair pink with appropriate shades of gray or blue.

Orange is an active color that promotes energy and excitement. While you might want to tone it down in the bedroom, where sleep is the main activity of choice, orange makes a great accent color when paired with almost any darker hue.

Happiness, laughter and optimism are appropriately associated with this sunshine hue. Incorporate warm (richer) yellows that are almost golden into the bedroom for a more restful result.

Most designers reserve red for accents in the bedroom since this is such a vibrant, passionate tone. Too much red may make it harder to sleep, especially if you have trouble in that area already, but a few pops of red against neutrals, grays or blues add an appropriate energy to the space.

Create a foundation for your accessories or artwork by starting with gray walls or bedding. Gray is simply versatile, which means you can mix and match other elements, and both light and dark gray look fabulous when paired with wood furniture.

Neutral tones aren’t your statement; they’re the canvas upon which you apply other design elements. Check out this Better Homes & Gardens slideshow to see examples of neutrals mingling with colors in the bedroom.

While the wrong mashup of black can be oppressive, a monotone design or black accent wall or bedding draws the eye into and across the room. Plus, black looks great with almost every other color and it’s got some interesting feng shui properties.

Harmony, security and balance are all associated with green, making it a favorite hue for bedrooms. Since green is calming, you don’t have to hold back when splashing it about your bedroom.

The king of calming colors, blue has been shown to soothe sleepers and even prevent nightmares. Feel free to add lots of blue to your boudoir, but be careful about tones and lighting, as the wrong combination can make blue seem unwelcoming.

Purple is a lush color associated with royalty, and combining deep, dark purples with lighter lavenders creates interest in your room. Plus, at least one study indicated that a purple bedroom upped the ante on passion, which might make this color a good choice for couples.

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