Have Sweet Dreams in Your New Master Bedroom | Wichita Remodeling

Have Sweet Dreams in Your New Master Bedroom | Wichita Remodeling

Renovating your master bedroom can add value to your home and give you a more comfortable place to live. As long as you take the right approach to the renovation, you can turn a humdrum bedroom into the bedroom of your dreams.

Prepare for Your Bedroom Remodeling Project

Before you start your bedroom remodel, you should make a budget and set priorities. If you’ve been living in your home for several years, then you probably already know what features you want to change. Make a list of the features that bother you the most so you can take a careful approach to redesigning your master bedroom.

Think About the Return on Your Investment

Renovating a master bedroom will give you a comfortable place that you’re excited to live in. It can also improve the value of your home. Some experts say that a successful renovation can give you a 40 percent to 80 percent ROI. The return on your investment, however, depends on many factors, such as:

  • How your home compares to other houses in your neighborhood.
  • The types of improvements that you make.
  • How much money you spend on the project.
  • You’ll need to pay close attention to these and other variables if you want to maximize your ROI.

Add Space to Your Bedroom

If your master bedroom feels a bit small, you may want to add space to make it more luxurious. You can often add space by getting more organized, finding unused areas under your bed or in the back of a closet or buying furniture with hidden drawers.

A professional contractor in Wichita can often take your expansion plans to the next level by removing walls and raising ceilings. If you truly want to add space to your master bedroom, you should get the help of an experienced contractor.

Update the Bathroom

The master bathroom gives you ample opportunities to add style and functionality. Something as simple as updating the floor can make your bathroom feel like a refreshing new part of the house.

You can also improve your master bath by installing new cabinets, shelves, mirrors, and sinks. Upgrading to a new bathtub or rain shower can make a marked improvement, but expect to put quite a bit of work into the project.

Find a Style You Love

Home design and decorating trends come and go quickly. If you’re primarily concerned about ROI, then you should choose a traditional style that most people will find appealing. Otherwise, feel free to use any style that you enjoy. After all, it’s your master bedroom. You should love it!

Organize Your Belongings

Organization plays a crucial role in how a room feels. A lot of clutter could make you feel slightly claustrophobic. You certainly don’t want to feel that way when you’re settling in for a night of sleep.

You can make your bedroom more organized by cleaning out your drawers and closets. Sell or give away the items that you don’t want. They’re just taking up priceless space.

Once you clear out the things that you don’t need, you will have more room to organize everything from your socks to your jewelry.

If organizing feels overwhelming, you can use the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals to find a professional organizer in Wichita.

Have Custom Storage Made

Many people find that they don’t have enough room to store all of their belongings. The problem becomes even more obvious when you think about all of the towels, blankets, clothing and other items that you only use during specific times of the year.

Custom storage solutions can give you a perfect opportunity to eliminate clutter so your master bedroom always looks its best.

Contact Wichita-based Southwestern Remodeling for more insights into home remodeling. The professionals at Southwestern Remodeling can help you convert your master bedroom into the perfect environment that you’ve always dreamed of.