Inspirational Color Palettes For Your Wichita Remodeling Project

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Here are some helpful tips for inspirational color palette choices for your Wichita remodeling project. If you plan to paint the interior of your house completely white, the aesthetic consequences of the process require very little consideration. But, if you plan to develop a two or three-tone scheme, it is important to consider different color palettes before you begin.

Before deciding on the color(s) of your home — your most intimate environment, — make a questionnaire. Poll yourself. Poll your family! The answers to the following questions will lead you to make the right decision with respect to the color scheme you choose for your home.

Home Remodeling Companies Wichita

Where Is the Room?

The position of a room within your house will determine a great deal about the colors, tones, and finishes you select. By selecting brighter and lighter colors near entrances, you can create the perception of space. Using paint with a glossy finish accomplishes the same.

On the other hand, rooms toward the center of a home, like studies and offices, and living rooms take on a sense of privacy if painted slightly darker. Darker colors — especially Earth tones — are calming and can make a room feel comfortable and friendly.

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How Many Windows Are There and Which Direction Do They Face?

The more windows a room has, the darker color scheme you can select without making the room feel small or constricted. Rooms without large windows and those rooms with windows facing north — particularly if they are small — require lighter colors in order to prevent an uncomfortably small sensation.

In addition to the size of a room’s window(s), the direction the windows face will help determine color, tone, and finish because the direction windows face determines the amount of sunlight that makes its way into a room.

Again, the more sunlight, the darker colors, and tones you can choose without devaluing the space in a room.

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View from a Window

Not only how much sunlight comes through a window determines the color and tone of a room, but what is outside the window. Particularly, if a room has a large window, the color scheme can be used to accentuate the view from the room.

If you’ve had landscaping done outside the window that will have an effect on the overall presence of a room, try to determine what color, tone and finish schemes inside a room will work with the colors outside.

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Whose Room?

The person who will spend the most time in a room also goes into determining the color and tone of a room. Whose room is it? Using bright pastels and high-emotion colors is always fun for a child’s room. On the other hand, Mom’s office may not be conducive to work when painted Easter Egg yellow.

Think about what color and tone will make the person who uses the room most comfortable and happiest.

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A room’s utility can be illustrated by the color of a room. Dull, unassuming colors and tones may be best for a conference room. On the other hand, highly reflective and bright colors might be best suited for a gallery. A room’s colors should reflect the mood you expect people to adopt in a room given the purpose of the space.

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