Modern Deck Remodeling: 5 Types of Modern Decks for Beautiful Homes and Gardens


Remodeling your home’s deck is a great way to make a modern and stylish statement outdoors. A simple change in this area of your house upgrades it instantly and can be a beautiful addition.

But perhaps you are building the deck for the first time. It could be freestanding or part of the home’s extension. Whatever you decide, choose your ideal location first.

If you’re thinking of redoing it all together, then consider time, budget and personal style. There are many ideas and ways you could remodel your deck, so consider the multitude of factors that go into each one.

Read on for some diverse deck ideas and inspiration for your next home improvement plan.

1. Platform Decks

A platform deck gives your surroundings a multidimensional feeling. It can help to create a more intimate space in your garden by elevating a portion of it. Make sure that you take into consideration the slope of the land, as any deck will need to conform to it.

2. Raised Decks

How high you want your raised deck will depend on a number of factors, including your home’s design and size. If you have a split-level home, it’s likely that your living room is on the second level. Your deck could peek into the living area and then lead down to the garden with an elevated staircase.

3. Freestanding Decks

If your home has a lot of outdoor space, try creating a freestanding deck that is beautiful on its own, detached from the house. You can even turn it into a gazebo or bonsai garden. Some people like to build entire pools or mini ponds around their freestanding decks.

4. Two-story Decks

This type of deck is usually built into multiple-story homes. You access the first floor from the bottom of the deck, which is of course connected to the top tier, from where you can reach the second floor. You will need to have guard railings and extra materials for staircases or walkways.

5. Multilevel Decks

You will need to have a lot of living space on your property, but multilevel decks can also function as beautiful outdoor eating areas and relaxing spaces. When planning your budget, make sure to think about the extras you will need for multilevel decks, such as guard rails and safety features.

What type of material should your deck be?

Many homeowners like the look and feel of wooden decks. The best-quality ones are usually made from cedar or redwood. Those on a smaller budget can go for composite wood or even parts in recycled plastics. Aluminum is a rare choice because while this material is long-lasting, it can be pricier than other deck materials.

That said, whatever material you decide to use for building your deck, the three important factors to consider are how it looks, how durable it is, and how much the maintenance will cost you.

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