Inspirational Bathroom Remodeling Ideas In Wichita, KS


When you know your bathroom needs a serious makeover but have no clue where to begin, gathering some inspiration for your bathroom remodeling project is your initial step. You can zero in on your personal style and on layouts that will function the best for you, your household and guests. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

An inspiration for your bathroom remodel can be anywhere. Flip through your favorite shelter magazine, or check out books on bathroom design from your local library. You can even watch home and garden TV shows or check out a local store. Inspiration can come from unexpected places, such as nature or kitchen remodeling projects, that you can apply to your bathroom remodel. You can go for traditional styles or layouts that optimize storage. Whichever route you choose, think about the styles you are drawn to, what layouts will meet your requirements and what you need to achieve the look for your bathroom remodel.

2. Shower Options

When you’re taking on a bathroom remodel project, the shower is one of the main features to consider. Not only is it crucial that it functions for your showering needs, but it can easily be the main attraction because of the bathroom real estate it consumes. There are several options to choose from, including an open shower layout sans tub, which makes it easy to clean after use or showers with frameless doors that keep the water in while offering a modern look. You can also opt for a combination shower and tub for taking quick showers or luxuriating in long baths, so you can have the best of both worlds. You may also consider showers with seats to make cleaning or shaving easier and safer. It’s easy to gain inspiration from showering accessories, such as showerheads with spray variations and modern stainless steel finishes.

3. Tile and Flooring

While you may be prone to look up or straight ahead when you first enter your bathroom, don’t forget to look down. Your bathroom flooring is essential to achieving both the look you want and the comfort you need. You can go for a classic look with subway tiles, or opt for practicality with the contemporary look and functionality of a concrete-tiled floor. Also, think about the size of the flooring. Large tiles can make a small space appear bigger, while smaller tiles, such as mosaics, can make a bathroom appear smaller.

4. Cool Color Combinations

There’s a ton of color combinations to draw inspiration from, including warm, cool and neutral color palettes. If you want a serene look for your bathroom, opt for cool color combinations such as sea foam, silver, and white. You can also consider fun color combinations that mimic patterns, such as the primary colors of red, blue and yellow that is seen in Mondrian-style art.

5. Glamorous Lights

You can easily give your lavatory a luxurious look with the right lighting. When you’re looking for lighting inspiration, don’t forget how you plan to use the bathroom. For instance, you can opt for globe bulbs for your vanity in your master bathroom to accomplish tasks and a chandelier with a dimmer for a guest bathroom for a relaxing ambiance.

Making a decision on your Wichita, KS home’s bathroom remodeling project starts with finding the right inspiration. You can get more insight into home remodeling with a professional team such as Wichita-based Southwestern Remodeling. As experienced contractors, Southwestern Remodeling offers the expertise you need to help you make your remodeling choices.