Winter Home Prep | Wichita Home Remodeler

As the cold weather descends, so do some fairly important repairs and maintenance issues. Ice, snow and the blustery winds can make winter a tough season unless you get your home ready to face the wintry blast. In the same way you winterize your car, you need to winterize your home. Eliminating drafts and making sure some of your home systems are in good repair is a must, so be sure to follow this quick, winter maintenance checklist.

Treat Your Windows for the Weather

Your windows let in lots of light, but they can also let in a lot of air if they aren’t properly sealed. Energy-efficient windows can help reduce the cost of heating during the winter by eliminating drafts and keeping your heat on the inside.

Replace or Repair

Newer windows, properly installed, will help cut down on the heating bill, but they can also be a big expense. If new windows aren’t in the budget this year, you can always help with some simple upgrades. Install weatherstripping around the windows and be sure to put in the storm windows. Both will help seal the frame against drafts.

Check Your Siding

The siding on your house is the first line of defense against the elements. It helps insulate your home and repels water, keeping the interior free from damage. When you have damaged panels of siding, it can lead to leaks, drafts and other issues. With average low temperatures in Wichita, KS, sitting solidly in the 20s, that layer of defense is essential. Plus, your siding is one of the first things people see when they look at your home. Replace any damaged siding panels before the worst of the weather. When it gets too cold, you might not be able to install anything until the weather warms up. If you are need of new siding Southwestern Remodeling can do the job.

Look at the Roof, Gutters and Drains

Once you’ve got your windows sealed and the siding finished, be sure to check on a few other essentials like your gutters, roof and drains. Easily overlooked, these are another weather defense. A soft spot on your roof could mean a collapse in a heavy snow year. Drains funnel moisture away from your house, but only if they are installed properly and functioning. Your gutters form an important part of your drainage system, helping pull all of the rain, ice and snow away from your roof. Before winter comes, make sure your gutters are clean, the roof is in good repair and your drains aren’t leaking anywhere.

What About the Yard?

Your house is weather tight and comfy for the season, but your home maintenance tasks go all the way to the curb. Your lawn and garden need some care to weather over properly. For a lush lawn in the spring, start by raking up any debris that covers the surface. Next, use a garden fork or aerator to poke holes throughout the lawn. This helps to improve drainage. Use fine, horticultural sand to gently fill in the holes. Finally, layer a dry top-dressing over the surface. These steps help the moisture drain properly, giving your lawn the best chance to survive the winter.
It’s best to do these maintenance chores in the fall before winter weather makes it more difficult. Extreme cold can be challenging to deal with, but it is doubly so if your house is not well insulated. With a few quick, but essential maintenance chores, you can enjoy watching the snow fall while you stay toasty warm in your house. Shoveling the walkways and keeping your car clear won’t seem so tough when you have a warm house to walk into.

No matter what your remodeling project is we can help make it possible. Over the years, we have remodeled numerous houses for Wichita homeowners hoping to improve this part of their home. Take a look at our gallery of remodeling projects and then contact Southwestern Remodeling to discuss the improvements you want for your home.