Inspiring New Room Additions

The holidays can bring new visitors to your home, and if you’re feeling hospitable or just need some extra space, adding a new room to your home can offer the guest accommodations you need. You can also use it to infuse style for a local Wichita, Kansas, look. But how do you get started? Updating your home for the holidays with flair doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Here are a few elements for inspiration to get your remodeling project started.

1. Choose a color scheme.

Selecting which colors will go in the room will set the stage for the other elements you plan to add to your remodeling project. Go for warm colors, such as reds, browns and oranges to drive in the warm feel. This look also works well for the holidays as it adds a rustic vibe that can easily be transformed with holiday decor by accessories, such as bedding, accent pillows and lighting.

2. Add flooring.

Before you add or update your flooring, make sure you take into account how often your new room will be used. Heavy foot traffic will need flooring that can handle the frequent use. Additionally, consider the guests that will primarily use the room. Do they have children? Will your children or young relatives use the room? Will a baby be using the room? How about any pets? You may want soft flooring, such as wall-to-wall carpeting if a baby or young child will be using the room. You may also opt for a hardwood or faux wood-panel flooring option and use southwestern-style area rugs to anchor the bed and look of the room. The floor will make it easy to avoid slips and falls, offer a rustic look and make it easy to clean if pets will be in the room. You can also add a luxurious element by adding faux sheep rugs on both sides of the bed.

3. Go big on your windows.

Tall windows, such as the ones on French doors, bring natural light into a room and can make a small room appear larger. If you don’t have the budget to adjust your window height or to include large windows, take advantage of window treatments to create the look you need. Go for long linen drapes that extend just 3 to 6 inches above the top of your window. You can also go for a patterned print or even lined curtains that puddle to the floor to create a dramatic and rustic look.

4. Create an ambiance with lighting.

When you want to create the right mood that keeps your guests comfortable, choose the lighting that can achieve this goal. To make a holiday-inspired room, go for warm lighting elements, such as sconces for the side tables or a side table light. You can even decorate the room with warm fairy-tale lights and candles in a built-in fireplace for that extra, cozy-feel.

5. Don’t forget the ceiling fan.

The ceiling fan often can be overlooked during a remodeling project, but it’s one of the easiest ways to transform a room and create an inspiring new room addition for the holidays. Remember to include it in your planning. Look for unique ceiling fans that incorporate a southwestern vibe, such as ceiling fans with distinctive Western prints or flush-mount ceiling fans.

Final Thoughts

Deciding which elements to focus on during your Wichita home remodeling project can get you started on the right track. You can also employ the assistance of a Wichita kitchen remodeler or Wichita home remodeler to help you finish your project in time for the holidays. Just remember to use a Wichita home remodeler with the expertise you need and who takes your design choices into consideration. Southwestern Remodeling has the practical experience and creative innovation to make your Wichita home remodeling project a success, and something you are pleased with for years to come.

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