Home Remodeling Trends: Make Your Home More Inviting with a New Entryway

Home Remodeling Trends: Make Your Home More Inviting with a New Entryway

One of the most definite and dramatic remodeling changes a homeowner can make to a house is a new entryway. Established and confident Wichita home remodelers Southwestern Remodeling recognizes the importance of a lasting, first home impression.

Southwestern Remodeling’s vast experience remodeling Wichita homes has given us time to develop an entryway remodeling formula, a construction rubric that keeps costs within our customers’ budgets while allowing homeowners to make vivid aesthetic changes to an entryway.

There are four categorical changes Southwestern can make to your entryway: new front door; front door entryway; interior entryway; and flooring options. You can choose to make one, two, several, or all of the remodeling changes because each remodel option is as distinct as the next.

Home Remodeling Trends 1: New Front Door

A new front door is hardly a minor change. A new front door redresses an entryway beautifully and the difference is almost immediate. A Wichita kitchen remodeler might explain that the change is akin to adding a new refrigerator to the kitchen.

If you have your own ideas as to what your ideal front door should look like, Southwestern Remodeling has the materials and resources to make your idea a reality. If you don’t like the door currently dividing your entry, but aren’t sure what type, style, or color would look best, Southwestern’s Wichita home remodeling experts can offer several options so you can make an informed decision.

Home Remodeling Trends 2: Front Entryway

The front entryway is the first major impression a house makes on visitors and is generally the first home aspect owners review when approaching their home. Front entryway changes include everything from a widening to the entryway for the addition of glass, to the sides of the front door, to the addition of an awning to shelter the doorway.

While each entryway remodel option is valuable, remodeling the front entryway is unique in that it changes the face of your home.

Home Remodeling Trends 3: Interior Entryway

Once inside a home, the interior entryway welcomes you home and your family, friends, and guests into it. By enhancing the appearance of the interior entryway with the addition of things like a relief step in the ceiling, a false wall vestibule, or an amplifying foyer, a trusted and proven Wichita home remodeler such as Southwestern Remodeling can add small and refined elegance or grandeur to your interior entryway.

A home remodel that includes a new interior entryway can change the entire complexity of your home because it is the first impression given of your house upon being welcomed in.

Home Remodeling Trends 4: Flooring Options

Remodeling the flooring of an entryway can provide just a dramatic change as a new front door. While flooring options are virtually unlimited, Southwestern Remodeling Contractors understands that there is an option which is perfect for your home. Whether it is the addition of tile, ceramic, wood, carpet, or contemporary linoleum, a change to the entryway flooring is immediately noticeable and can make a lasting impression.

Entryway options are only limited by imagination. Southwestern Remodeling has the practical experience and creative innovation to make your Wichita home remodeling project a success, and something you are pleased with for years to come.