Kitchen Remodeling Trends: 4 Ways to Get Your Kitchen Up to Speed

Kitchen Remodeling Trends 4 Ways to Get Your Kitchen Up to Speed

Does your kitchen need a makeover? Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve answered, “yes.” The kitchen is one of the most important and most frequented places of your home, so it’s important that you make it an inspiring place to spend time in.

Wichita kitchen remodeling experts suggest four ways you can get your kitchen up to speed in an instant:

Kitchen Remodeling Trend 1:  Custom Lighting

It’s easy to overlook lighting when remodeling your kitchen. Don’t make this mistake. If your kitchen currently has only one light fixture in the overhead ceiling, it’s time to upgrade! Think about which counter spaces you do most of your work on, use a technique called “task lighting,” and decide where you could improve with either brighter or warmer and more ambient lights.

Rule of thumb? The light you choose should not be glaring or harsh. Unless it’s in the one spot you might do a lot of working and chopping, such as directly over your stove. Use layering in your lighting plans, and go for custom lighting that is created to complement your kitchen and reflect your personal style.

Your goal should be an inviting, lively space where you not only enjoy working and cooking but can also show off to visitors while entertaining.

Kitchen Remodeling Trend 2: New Cabinets

Your remodeling agents can help you decide on the best type of cabinets for your kitchen upgrade. You will have to decide where to install your new cabinets by measuring and determining where your important appliances currently are.

This includes the fridge space, stove, gas tank (if you are using one) and sink, but also the more hidden items such as electrical appliances, cords, and outlets. Once you know this, you can plan accordingly. Your Wichita home remodeler can help you decide on color schemes and which types of cabinets to choose.

Kitchen Remodeling Trend 3: Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are a great idea for giving your kitchen an upgrade! They have an elegant feeling while still being practical because the mess and dirt will not show as easily. For Southwestern remodeling, they remain classy and timeless. Even if replacing your countertops are all you to do to give your kitchen an upgrade, it will spruce up the overall feeling of working in your kitchen with the added bonus of not rendering the kitchen useless while you remodel.

Ask your Wichita home remodeler which marble finishes will look best in your kitchen.

Kitchen Remodeling Trend 4: Modern Tiling

Whether you are redoing your kitchen backsplash or the entire walls, it is good to give your kitchen a modern upgrade with trendy tiles. In 2016, wooden tiles are quite on trend for a homey feel, while mosaics and tiles with tiny artistic details never go out of style.

Choose porcelain tiles for a classy upgrade, or use blocked colors in earthy tones for something more subdued yet gorgeous. Metallic tiles are also quite on trend this year but only go with them if you want a dramatic look for your kitchen.

Remember, no matter how you decide to give your kitchen the upgrade it needs, stick to a style that reflects your personality. That said, don’t be afraid to take risks. If your interior designer suggests something that may be a design or an upgrade you hadn’t thought about before, be open to suggestions.

However you choose to get your kitchen up to speed, make sure it is within your budget, practical and beautiful.