4 Ways to Get Your Home Back-to-School Ready

4 Ways to Get Your Home Back-to-School Ready

You’ve purchased pencils and backpacks for the kids. You’ve picked up some extra-strength espresso for yourself. Yes, you’re all ready for that first day of school.

Or are you?

Getting your home ready for the back-to-school season is just as important as readying the people inside of it. Now’s the time to look at some light remodeling to make your home more conducive to homework and other activities. A Wichita home remodeler can help you get your house up to snuff, and Southwestern Remodeling has some great ideas for easy improvements that will keep everyone on track for the school season.

Reevaluate Your Space

The most common complaint from families as years go by is there’s not enough space in their homes. Your kids aren’t getting any smaller, after all! Add on the stress of school and work deadlines, and watch how what was once merely a snug space can become a suffocating productivity-killer.

Take a look at your home and where you feel most cramped. Does your kitchen need more counter tops for organizing homework projects? Do you finally need to take the plunge and make an addition for a den or office? Getting some new, usable space in your home is a perfect way to keep everyone sane during the hectic school year.

Create a Cozy Nook

Perhaps you just need a little privacy for homework or reading. A homework nook is an easy remodel, but it can be invaluable because you’ll have working space that’s not at the kitchen table or in front of the TV. You can make a homework desk space out of a closet or just a corner of the living room that doesn’t get much traffic. You’d be surprised how a simple, designated desk space can create a haven for homework or that late-night office deadline.

Make Some Room for Your College Kid

Your fiscally responsible college kid, the one who’s living at home during school to save some extra cash, can find it hard living with the family and still remaining focused on classes. Think about transforming your attic from a storage catch-all into a private, set-apart space for your studious college child. You can create the perfect space for studying and sleeping off an all-nighter in a cozy attic suite. You achieve some peace and quiet, and your blossoming scholar gets much-needed privacy. Everyone wins!

Organize Your Clutter

Cluttered spaces are the bane of organized minds. When your home is a mess, you feel like nothing in your life is put together. Sometimes all you need is a little extra storage space to keep the clutter at bay and improve your mood and your productiveness. Add some extra shelves in your laundry room, or turn the space around your back door into a mudroom for shoe and coat storage. Do your bedroom closets look like a disaster zone? Adding drawers or shelving can be an inexpensive way to keep the chaos at bay.

Whether you just need some light touching up or a complete overhaul, you know it’s crucial to have a home that’s both comfortable and productive. For more insight on home remodeling, Wichita-based Southwestern Remodeling contractors are experts in their field and can help you convert your house into the perfect school-friendly environment for all members of the family.