Home Remodeling Trends: Functional Mudrooms Add Clean Character to Your Home

Home Remodeling Trends Functional Mudrooms

When the rain and snow season hits, it’s difficult to keep your home clean. But with the addition or renovation of a mudroom, you can create a place to keep the outdoors – out – while looking good doing it. A functional mudroom not only keeps your home clean, it also adds charm and character to a major entryway of your home. Here are a few ways from a Wichita home remodeler to make your mudroom renovation even better.

Home Remodeling Trend: Functional Focal Point

One good piece of furniture, like a colorful antique armoire, can bring your whole room together. Keeping an eye out for a piece to center your room around is the key.

Home Remodeling Trend: Wraparound Storage

A wraparound bench seat with storage below can make the most of your space. Mudrooms often aren’t the biggest in the house. So utilizing every square foot of space and planning for growing bodies and families is your best bet.

Home Remodeling Trend: Clean and Classic Design

The words clean and mudroom don’t seem to go together. But if you keep your design clean, it will be much easier to keep your room clean.

Home Remodeling Trend: Mini Mudroom

Even if you don’t have enough space for a full-size mudroom, you can either add an addition to your home or you can make the most of your space by turning a closet into an area for you and your family to strip off the day.

The mudroom is often the most overlooked room when considering renovations.

But it’s the classic case of not being able to live without it once you have it. If you feel like a mudroom is in your future, the experts at Southwestern Remodeling are here to make your remodel as easy and unique as possible. Contact us today for information on the mudroom of your dreams to keep your home clean.